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Loud S Hell thumbnail  Sex: male
 Height: 6'6
 Created: June 2, 2007
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Loud S. Hell... A man shrouded in mystery and misery. His story takes place in a post apocalyptic future where civilization has reverted back to some of its uglier ways establishing a monarchy that was nothing short of a military dictatorship funded by racial slavery. His father trained and educated him, and he rose up through this oppressive regime only to be betrayed and fall from grace. His reason was a woman, his one true love, whom he entrusted with everything and she took it all in an instant. She was an aristocrat and although their love was forbidden, he risked it gladly to be by her side. Yet in the end she chose her power over his affection. He was set up, ran through and left for dead and his former lover, became the new Queen of his former kingdom. His family was slain in his absence, and as he returns to seek revenge on the aristocracy that claimed everything he held dear, he seeks powerful foes to better himself before the final confrontation. He carries two guns, Fire & Brimstone, which he uses rarely. He prefers hand to hand combat but he is also well versed in many weapons and shady ways to use them. He likes to be left alone, but he also has a sharp tongue and a quick temper that gets him into lots of trouble. He has been trained in he Black Arts, a mysterious mystic form of creating illusions and altering time/space. This art has been forbidden, and it is rumored that Loud sold his soul in order to receive the training. Maybe its just a rumor, but those who know him say Loud is no longer a man... he is an instrument which seeks revenge and will go to any means to achieve it.

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