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Jazz thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: May 20, 2007
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Full Name: Jasmine "Jazz" Conciani

For most of her life, Jazz was nothing special. (Sure, she had her powers, but even those were unremarkable in a world where every other dude can throw fireballs and turn their arms into lunchmeat). In fact, she wasn't even mediocre; she sucked at almost everything she tried. Her parents were too busy to spend much time with her and her aggressive/obnoxious attitude insured she didn't have many friends.
But that all changed when she accidentally got in a street fight one day (over a stolen soda) and found she had a natural knack for knocking skulls.
Well actually, nothing really changed at all, except that Jazz had finally found something she was good at. She became immediatly obsessed and spent all her free time training and getting in fights: eventually picking up some capoeira along the way. She thinks of herself as a hero, and only gets into fights when it's vigilante-style justice.
Naturally, when her parents began to notice what Jazz was up to, they disapproved: especially Jazzs father, who was himself a law enforcer. After one particularly bad argument, Jazz impulsively ran away to Void City, having heard only a few stories about it from her father who had previously been stationed there.

Fighting Style and Powers:
Jazz can transform section of her body at a time into something monstrous. She has no control over what she transforms into exactly, but it will always serve the purpose she had in mind. Jazz is fast and agile, but relies mostly on invention and cleverness with her surroundings to win. Her capoeira is amateurish, and inter spaced with common street-fighting moves.

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