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TL Bot thumbnail Title: Tag Team Champion 2013
 Gender: M
 Height: 3 ft
 Created: March 5, 2007
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TL bot = Totally Lame Robot

TL Bot is the creation of Johnny, a little boy who was in love with robots, but not so good at building them. TL Bot is made from a "Make your own Robot kit" which was a semi-popular science toy that is no longer produced. Many types of robot could be created with this kit, and Johnny put together the lamest combination. Embarrassed by his creation, he through his friend away. Johnny regretted this and searched for him, but TL bot was gone for good.

Some time later, TL Bot was restarted in the Void City dump. He wandered into the city with no real direction or goals. He is a very simple robot, and is somewhat like a child. He often imitates what he sees, follows people, or touches things he's not supposed to. He has an affinity for cats.

His powers are his "laser eyes" which are only powerful enough to burn toast, and his arms and legs can extend. Sometimes he goes into "rage mode" which doesn't do anything really. He just thinks it does.

He cannot speak, except for the words "Beep" "Boop" and "Bzzt". He literally says the words, he doesn't make the noise.

Design notes
He is blue, not silver.
His arms start above his eyes.
He has a hidden USB port on his butt.

OB Bot is TL Bot's deadlier, and buggier, relative and pal. In the future, TL Bot is damaged and is repaired with parts from his dead friend. This give TL Bot the ability to speak, and he becomes BA Bot (Bad Ass Bot).

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