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Aja Reiche thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: February 24, 2007
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Full ref sheet (including Lin) can be found here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v260/pyekill/voidsheet2.jpg
More info can be found here: http://pi-e.deviantart.com/journal/1731065/


Aja and Lin now live with Anya and Vinca in an apartment adjacent to the city gardens. Aja and Anya have become close friends and the two younger girls view Aja as a sister. Akantha and Lin have also buddied up and if they're not with their girls they're out partying (an excuse for them not to show up in battles). As of now Aja is jobless, penniless and manless. She can also be shirtless if you want :D


Aja was never one to listen to her conscience often ( it told her to do bad things like light houses on fire while wearing a bunny suit) so one day, to her horror, she awoke to find that her conscience had willed itself into a tangible being--Lin. Since that fateful day Lin has been terrorizing Aja. Lin steals Ajar money to buy liquor, constantly harasses her, and has ruined all of her previous relationships with her offensive banter. Unable to make an honest and normal life for herself in the honest and normal world Aja heads to Void City hoping to find someone who can put up with her annoying and violent conscience and maybe even find true weird love <3

Info on Aja:

She likes wearing skinny jeans, cute graphic tees, and flatop shoes. She is a rampant pervert, and struggles to hide her secret lolita fetish (not well enough-- she lives with 2 younger girls). Oh yeah, she believes the zombie apocalypse is coming. Because of her irrational fear of zombies she finds it completely necessary to keep her machete, "with love", on her at all times. She's also very good at getting out of holds and ties (like if she was being held by someone or tied to a chair) because of her extensive studying of cheesy B-movies.

Info on Lin:

Lin is Aja's rabid little conscience. Because she had never once experienced the real world filled with scents and feelings and noises Lin has gone a little sensory overboard. She LOVES being tangible and LOVES messing with things to fuck up her state even more. She is an alcoholic with a mild addiction to spicy foods. Because Lin is so small she rides on Aja as her major means of transportation. She has rows of deadly sharp teeth (when she wants to) which she uses to gnaw on Aja's head to get what she wants. She also employs her strand as a means to strangle Aja when she doesn't get her way or is feeling mean. Also, Lin can be away from Aja and still exist, but if she is too far away for too long she becomes fatigued, hence one of the reasons they're always together.

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