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Suit thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6' 0
 Created: February 21, 2007
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Suit is only a Pseudonym he is referred to as by himself and often by coincidence, others.

His real name is William Bison, and he is 25 years old. His birthday is April 20th.

Suit is an insanely dangerous man. He has a sick obsession with furries. Born and raised in Void City, he gained a young arousal to the fur kind. Of course, his parents and friends discouraged this behavior in violent or degrading manners.

Eventually, he moved out of his home, and his behavior had begun to get worse. It started with some porn, and eventually he was wearing a fake tail., But he wasn't happy. He wanted to be a furry. He moved onto fursuits. He lusted and desired for, yet envied them. He wanted to be one of them, and it seemed there was nothing he could do.

He kept striving further and further, until eventually, he killed one. He killed him, ate him, and skinned him. He made a fur suit out of him. This gave him an immense thrill and arousal. This put him ever so closer to his final goal. Through this, his moral system went through an immense decay, and he interpreted this behavior as acceptable to him. Now, on a very regular basis, he hunts, for a better suit, a higher pinnacle of beauty, and moving close to his goal, in his own mind.

There are words of his presence in void. It is HIGHLY reccomended that you avoid anyone who looks like a long missing or dead friend. This man is a horrible psychotic rapist serial killer.

His methodology of attack is similar to those of horror movie villains. He will often capture his opponent alive and torture them, before killing them and skinning them, or he'll take them out on the spot with a variety of weapons, his favorite being an axe. He's in good enough shape to give the average anthro a run for thier money. He's suprisingly silent and strong (Likely due to some form of adrenaline rush he gets from doing this), and sometimes won't have a problem sneaking up on and quickly dispatching his opponent. Even if discovered before his stealthy strike, he will fight like a maniac to kill or capture you. He will flee if the situation is widely out of his favor.

He may also try to charm you out of costume.When you meet him, he might come across as awkward, charming, or a nice guy. He might even seem non threatening. That's exactly what he wants. When your guard is down he will likely knock you out or drug you. This is very successful as well for some reason, as there have been no escaping survivors to this point.

To this point, his true face has never been seen by any eye witnesses, and has only been seen in a variety of fursuits constructed from his victims. I do repeat, he is obcenely dangerous. He is also not fond of the VCPD due to thier ostracization of furries.

Edit: His right eye is a glass eye after being removed. Sometimes he has designer designs, but often, it's just a blue eye.

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