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Julius de Mizaori thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 157 cm
 Created: November 16, 2006
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Julius is searching for Sweet Dreams by traveling the world and the Seven Seas. In other words, Julius is a vagabond.

Julius comes from a Central Amazonian tribe known as Blanco Aranha (White Spider). Aranha members posses the uncanny characteristic of having hands for hair! Well, it appears the hands are made of bundled hair. These hands cannot branch off of other hands and there can only be a max of eight hands at any one time. Hands also cannot a distance greater than twice the person's body length. Besides these points, little is known about this handy power; it is assumed that it is more a mystical power than physical ability..

Julius fights with anything he can swing around. He was trained to fight with spears, but he usually just has a stash of knives or picks up pipes/sticks/lightposts/whatever he can. Julius packs a heavy punch, but his aim sucks (especially at a distance) because he only has one eye. (this also prevents him form using guns efficiently and also gives him a blind spot on his entire left side)

Julius is in Void City to collect nightmares. (So he can make them into sweet dreams and save The One He Loves) In a place like Void there's GOT to be tons of people who have nightmares....! He lives in a basement apartment and gets by without a job by dumpster diving and stealing small amounts of things from other people. He's also really annoying, I mean look at that stupid grin.


Edit 07/08 - Julius's style sheet is pretty outdated, so you can have him wear whatever. General rule of thumb is he dresses like a bum. The exception are those stupid pink shoes since there's a silly backstory to them.

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