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Kami thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'9"
 Created: October 30, 2006
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age:claims 25
race: Chetorian Hybrid(chetorian/winter wolf)
fighting style: For all of her abilities, Kami is a fist fighter. She will often take a hit to make a hit. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. She relies heavily on momentum to add to the damage she deals.

Kami was sent to void to not only look for the amulet that hangs from Lester's collar but his collar as well. The reason she doesn't know. All she knows is the price is the well being of her fair hometown. Her employer doesn't care how long she takes as long as she gets the job done. This has caused her to get sloppy and lazy in finding either target.

The result is her going into a hybernetic state for two years just long enough to get stuck with yet another passenger in her body. This one however seems almost too happy to do as she tells it to. Now that she's awake, she has returned to her hunt for Lester and discovering the changes in Void along the way.

She sometimes carries a nail covered baseball bat but has been seen dual weilding a pair of swords.

The spirit of an old kobald war general is trapped in her tail. He's surly and more than displeased with his position connected not only to a woman but to a woman's butt. Usually he's sleep so he can endure his afterlife in much sought after peace.They are attached together by the stomach and spine. He's equiped with sharp serated teeth and his bite works like a snake's. If Kami is knocked out it puts him in the driver's seat for as long as she's out. He can't use any of her other abilities in this state.

Nonu Bahdahg:
Every dog has heard the phrase at least once in their lives. And all those times have worked a sort of ancient magic based on beliefs. That belief was that while all dogs are bad, there's got to be a worse one. Nonu is the accumilation of all those 'No, no! Bad dog!"s. He entered into Kami's body when she was dormant cause he was attracted to the canine part of her mind full of evil fun. He loves what just about any dog does- eatting. He is personified by a giant black terrier head with massive teeth. The head seems to act independant of the body and has enough etheral energy to lift and crush things it normally could not; for example a mailbox. Kami only lets him stay out for ten seconds cause otherwise she gets a killer headache.

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