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Radios Baron thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: September 17, 2006
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Radios Baron
21 years of age
167 lbs.

Da dealio:
Radios is the son a late Void Air Fighter pilot, Luichi Von Baron. Luichi was world renowned for never having his air craft shot once. He died when his plane slammed into the side of a mountain in a freak accident.

Radios, trying to follow in his old man's footsteps, set his sights on becoming a legend in his father's sted, but as fate would have it Radios is about as good piloting a plane as a blind man driving a car.

He consecutively failed his pilot liscening test 12 times in a row, having crashed every one the planes into the side of a mountian that popped out of nowhere...right.

Having been band from taking any more tests, Radios was almost on the edge of dispair. How could he ever become a pilot if he kept crashing his planes into mountains!? Well, fate intervined one day and as Radios walked down the street a nasty old news paper blew up in his face.

Looking at the ratty old paper he saw an ad for magical flight lessons. Radios jumped right on it following the address on the paper to an old masion on the outskirts of Void City. There he met some old hag of a witch and he asked her about the ad.

She explained to him that by drawing a mystical glyph on his back he would gain the power of flight, but it would take time to learn to control. He agreed to have it done and so it was done.

The next day, proud as can be, Radios tried out his new gift, but to his surprise...! BLAM! He was rocketed into the air and thrown across the city. When he hit the ground he found that instead of his bones, the street broke. He tried it again, this time being cautious...ZWAM! He was blasted through a building...what the hell has gone wrong!?

Propulsion Compulsion: Radios now has the ability of random rocket propulsion. He cannot determine the speed nor distance of the blast, but probably can determine the direction by facing it. While he is in his rocketing state he is indestructable, and one could say he has super strength, but only due to the high speeds he travels in.

Personality: His powers are like a mirror of his personality, in the sense that he is compulsive. He goes ahead and does or says something without first thinking of the consequence that would follow. Even if he is wrong or indecisive about something he remains cocky about the situation. He learns his lesson about doing somethings, but has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth, mostly because he is consumed in a self apathy type thing dealing with his father and his continuous failures in trying to be more like him.

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