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Lockjaw thumbnail  Gender: Babe Magnet
 Height: 6'2"
 Created: August 23, 2006
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Name: Lockjaw
Age: Always confused for a high school student
Sex: Babe Magnet
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 325… the jaw weighs alot

Due to a ginormous lock covering most of his face lockjaw is incapable of talking out loud. He instead talks in his head, so unless you can read minds you can’t hear him. He does however have a connection with his fellow cock rockers that allow them to 9 times out of 10 translate what he means to say accurately.

Lock, as he is know to people who don’t like to call people by their full names, spends most of his time in the Void City High School because he is always confused for a high school student. Apart from being the strong silent type, he also can take a punch like no bodies business, especially if your business is that of a newspaper writer or editor.

Get on his bad side and he will unleash a vengeance of unjustified rage like a rabid dog, and back it up with the strength of 2 or maybe even 3 men.

Special Powers: He can unlock any lock, especially to a lady’s pants or skirt. Also he is neigh-invulnerable so not much is able to hurt him.

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