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Jacie Reznic thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'9
 Created: August 15, 2006
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A recent transfer from the Icon Metropolis area, Jacie started out as a beat level cop and… unfortunately remains there. Although she is reliable on a pinch and extremely loyal, she is often blunt and to the point. Her rather frosty disposition serves well to alienate her from the world, the remote temperament coming from being the middle child in a family of five. Her older siblings turned out to be male, and Jacie followed suit enjoying activities usually reserved for the opposite sex. She is practical and simple, but by no means stupid. Her desire to help people is often a powerful force that makes her unwilling to back down, even if her presence is somewhat unneeded. She has a hard time asking for things preferring to do the job herself.

Jacie, unlike the majority in Void city, is a nice and normal human that is often affected by the violence that has seemly erupted like wild fire in the area. She doesn’t quite understand why the department is so against ‘furries’ but she follows orders, not wanting to be behind bars herself. She enjoys her work but craves something more, a higher level position. However, her unwillingness to work with others prevents any justice system from seeing her potential. A great cop but a horrible leader, Jacie hopes that eventually an opportunity will arise where her capabilities will be recognized.

In romatic situations, Jacie is a complete bumbling idiot. Growing up with mostly boys taught her nothing about men and so she still maintains an air of innocence in that realm.

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