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Yoshin thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5' 11'
 Created: Prior to recording
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He's lost all memeory of who he is...and has no idea of what he's become. Now Yoshin seeks the thuth about his past. Dynacorp. the company that created the techno-virus that he is now infected with seeks to recapture or destroy their "test"subject and have used their infulence to have the VPD (void plolice department) place a bounty on Yoshin's head. While the virus has given him more power than ever, along with the loss of his memory he is now very unstable...and halucinates seeing a younger version of himself, and now takes up residence in an abandoned clocktower on the outskirts of void. Will Yoshin be able to find the answers he seeks, while trying to avoid the police, dynacorps. special forces and void fighters out for the reward? Only time will tell...

Powers: Posesses super strenght able to lift upwards of 12 tons, able to throw bolts of sheer willpower...also able to concentrate willpower to resist injury.

Skills: Has some memory of an array of martial arts including Shotokan and Bushin style. Also uses his own personalized acrobatic combat style.

Weapons: Occasionaly uses a sawed off hockey stick...much like a sword without a cutting edge...(see win pose)

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