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Harlow Ironlocke thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'2
 Created: April 20, 2018
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Age: 20

Backstory: He comes from Opalhaven, a zeppelin based society that encourages one to replace parts of their body they do not like with a prosthetic, however they are not allowed to turn themselves into a robot. Opalhaven is one of the leading inventors in modern prosthetic and genetic food growth, the advances of food growth only being more recent and allowing them to be secluded from most any other society. Opalhaven is also a community society were no one owns anything and they all work together to improve society, Harlow left because he takes pride in his inventions and wants to keep them as his own.

Personality: Sincere and honest, not good at working with others and an introvert but does want to help others he's just poor at communicating it. He also doesn't know much of the world outside of Opalhaven. The thing he wants to see first is actual robots. Hates when others take credit for things they didn’t do. He is fine with others using his inventions so long as they credit him as the creator of them. He is also against killing and tries to solve it by providing other alternatives, though he is not a pacifist. He will choose flight over fight in most situations. He also has a hobby is breaking into places, he doesn't steal stuff he just likes getting into places every now and then.

Abilities: He very smart and good at building things, he can make most any prosthetic limb given the materials and successfully amputate the limb to attach the prosthetic. He can also make weapons but he tries to make non lethal ones focusing on air blasts and concussions to knock someone out rather than killing. His reflexes and agility are that similar to an actual cat. When he is not wearing any shoes his walking and running don't make any sound.

Airwaves V5: This is his gun and it can suck up the air around it then shoot it in the form of a bubble, he can choose to either immediately release the bubble, hold it, or shoot it so it goes until it reaches contact with something. A quick shot would be about the size of a tennis ball and strong enough to knock a normal person on the ground, if he holds it longer it can be stronger though for it to reach lethal forces he would have to let it stay for a very long time (and also wouldn't let it last that long). He can also use it for other things, as a parachute to stop a fall, as a form of rocket jump to jump up higher than normal, and a couple other things.

Stealth mask: The eyes and mask adjust to show expressions, the eyes also have a small light that he can use to blind someone by increasing the light temporarily.

Lockpick: His lock-pick can also break through electric locks as well.

Hands: His names are just prosthetic that are more durable than a regular hand. He can take them off and replace them or work on them with ease. He has various versions of his hands he uses and switches out so they can look different, though the color scheme is always the same.

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