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MILLER by PyrasTerran

MILLER is the story about a person by the name of Miller. The true Miller is an unknown individual, separated from you, the reader, by a veil of anonymity. The reason will be explained below. What is known is that at some point, Miller has fallen into sleep, unconsciousness, coma, or perhaps is near-death itself. Whatever the case, Miller is frozen within their body and taken away from the outside world. However, while Miller is inert on the outside, beneath the skin, inside the mind, a war is being fought. A war of dominance, between all the forces that work within the mind of Miller. All of the egos, superegos, ids, dreams, nightmares, personas, memories, personalities, and perhaps even unwanted intruders battle to take control of the reigns of Miller. Whoever wins this war of dominance will take control of this body and be The True Miller, perhaps having been The True Miller all along, or perhaps not. The Battlefield has shifted. MILLER IS IN THE MIND.

Intro Story

Intro Story
Monet Miller

Intro Story
Subject Miller

Intro Story
Miller's Rehab

Intro Story
Cupcake Miller

Intro Story
Micheal St. Miller

Intro Story
Miller's Judgement

Intro Story
Juliet Miller

Intro Story
Will S Miller

Intro Story
Thriller Miller

Intro Story
Lax Miller

Intro Story

Fear vs. Monet Miller

Juliet Miller vs. Will S Miller

Micheal St. Miller vs. Miller

Subject Miller vs. Miller's Judgement

Cupcake Miller vs. Miller's Rehab

Lax Miller vs. Thriller Miller

Miller vs. Miller's Rehab

Juliet Miller vs. Thriller Miller

Fear vs. Subject Miller

Miller Tournament Finale
Miller vs. Thriller Miller vs. Subject Miller
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