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Eros thumbnail  Sex: male
 Height: 6'2
 Created: February 1, 2018
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Name: Eros Lacroix
Age appearance: mid 20s
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Dislikes: sunlight, garlic (allergy), human food
Sexuality: pansexual

-Eros is from a royal vampire family of blood manipulators. He is more laid-back and casual than his other siblings but is still very proud of his status. He cares a lot about his family name and would not take any negative words against his them. Although he spends time with humans, that will not stop him from serving his parents - the "king and queen" of vampires.
-Eros is dangerously charismatic. He can feel your heart beat and the blood rush in your skin. Just like his other siblings, he has a certain favored taste in his preys. He craves the excitement of intimacy. The more excited he gets, the more bloodthirsty. Unfortunately, he craves it so much he ends up nearly leaving all of his partners at the brink of death (or just actual death). Also he just loves human blood like any other vampire and this is how he prefers to live as one.
-Eros is a giver and a taker. He loves learning new and different things about different humans. Although he loves meeting different people, he prefers to go one on one.
-Eros does not get along well with children, teens, and animals. He acts like a grandpa at times.

Lacroix Blood manipulating technique: can control blood at fingertips, purge and slice with nails, making it easy to feed on/steal blood; the blood can shape-shift into any form of weapon or hard/smooth object depending on how much blood is consumed. Can't use too much for the sake of their bodies, therefore they drink lots of blood.

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