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News & Events / Rumble Roulette Returns!
« on: Jun 03, 2018, 10:35 PM »
Are you restless and feeling the itch to battle?  But do you feel like the awkward teens at the Winter Ball where no one wants to get out on the dance floor?  Well, let us throw the first punch for you and welcome you to the Rumble Roulette!

I want to stress that this is not a tournament and not an event!  Though it will be structured like one.  What do you have to do?

You'll sign up like normal.  When sign ups close, the mods will randomize your opponent from the pool of challengers.  And then you shy kids will be thrust on the field of battle where you will meet your blind date!  Think of this as an ice breaker/alternative to just using open challenges.

Sign ups with be open for a week and with a minimum of 6+ fighters.  Sign ups close on Sunday, June 10th at 11:59 pm EST.

Parameters are a 1v1, 2 week normal battle.  This is a chance to get a normal battle with someone unexpected!

1. Jaykat with Gossamer Swan

2.otakutaylor with Tsumi

3.Golden with Crikey Dile

4.yarnwitch with Miwesa

5.Q-Bit with Terminal

6. Nibbles with Eighty-eight

7. Energy with Jessie Valley

8.Desichan with Fawn

9. Pockets with Discharge


Reviews / Willy D's Comic Theory Review Corner
« on: Apr 07, 2018, 08:04 AM »
I have in my collection a rather large amount of books dedicated to comic theory and craft. I love reading about comic theory. And since a lot of these books tend to be recommended reading I thought it might be beneficial to share my thoughts and review some of the books I've read and will read; On the chance that you might be wondering if a certain book might be of benefit to you and worth the time to read. The books I might review here may not be limited to just books about comics but books that may help us all grow as artists.

So I will start off with my favorite.

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga
Hirohiko Araki

This book is my Holy Grail. And it should be an indispensible part of any Jojo fan's collection. If you know me at all, you will know just how much Jojo's Bizarre Adventure means to me. Ah, but wait!  Don't stop reading! You may say you yourself are not a Jojo fan or even really know much about it. Let me assure you, not only is this book a pivotal book for Jojo fans but for all aspiring comic artists, writers or even just for people curious about the creative process. The book is written in such a way that even if you're not familiar with Jojo, enough is explained so you may follow the examples. For those familiar with Jojo lore, it offers insight into some of the pivotal points.

I admittedly pre-ordered this book before I even had any idea of what it was about. You might think the rather long title says it all, but I had no idea if I was getting a 'How-To Manga' style book or what. What follows is an indepth and influential look as to what it takes to create a long running classic manga. Araki-Sensei begins by explaining the purpose of his book and why he chose a to write a book as opposed to drawing a comic. He believes in what he calls the "Golden Way" or "Royal Road to Creating Manga", which to put it simply is Manga as an Art Form made to last as opposed to a temporary hit. And he very much agrees that you may not agree with all the ideas he presents but rather believes that there is still value in what he has to teach and it's applications to not only manga but to creatives across all mediums.

The book is framed in two ways really. Araki-Sensei spends a good deal outlining his own trial and error by offering examples from his own early career and works as well as providing examples of other successful stories. The second way is by examining the structure of good storytelling and what to look for in other works. I should point out a lot of his specifics are for shounen manga but in a general sense his lessons still apply.  He outlines the four fundamentals: Characters, Story, Setting and Themes and explores each one in depth. He points out that you may notice that not all popular stories incorporate all four structures but that if you analyze it you may understand the story does one of these things well enough that it resonates with the audience. And above all, he points out, a comic artist should be able to incorporate all of these with their art and this is what sets them apart from other disciplines.

In each section he goes into depth about how he crafts each fundamental and what sorts of pitfalls he avoids. When it comes to characters, he discusses design, motivation, and the importance of a detailed background. When it comes to story, he outlines the Japanese story structure known as Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu (Introduction, Development, Twist and Resolution)(Note the difference in the Western 3-act structure). For example, he explains why even though he writes shounen manga he will never do tournament arcs because they defy the rising action of this structure.

The following section deals with his thoughts on art and the goals of art and how he came to pursue his style. After that, he goes into the importance of setting and of research in order to establish that setting. And finally he settles upon themes as the basic most important component of all stories. He believes the theme is a reflection of an author's philosophy and attempts to change your theme to fit an audience will only result in a weaker story. 
Finally he concludes the book with examples of one shots he has worked on, outlining his meeting with editors, script creation, planning and implementation.

I hope that by pointing out what the book is about and what it discusses that I've piqued your interest. It really is a wonderful book and even if there are parts you don't agree with, you will at least be peeking into the process of an established author and may be able to take something from that. There are many sections that I feel are important and that I'd love to share with people but you'd be better off reading it for yourself and walking away with your own impressions. I'd advise people to either highlight or take notes on Araki-Sensei's words.

But finally let me share with you a part of a section that I found inspiring for my own writing:

"I'm sometimes asked, "Do you ever run out of ideas?" but I don't believe that ideas ever run out; I think a creator's curiosity can run out and then the ideas stop coming.  Because good ideas come from one's life and experiences, losing interest in the world mean's losing the ability to come up with ideas...You musn't restrict your attentions to only things that interest you; that sort of conceit must be avoided."

News & Events / Rumble Roulette Sign Ups!
« on: Mar 21, 2018, 11:36 AM »
Are you restless and feeling the itch to battle?  But do you feel like the awkward teens at the Winter Ball where no one wants to get out on the dance floor?  Well, let us throw the first punch for you and welcome you to the Rumble Roulette!

I want to stress that this is not a tournament and not an event!  Though it will be structured like one.  What do you have to do?

You'll sign up like normal.  When sign ups close, the mods will randomize your opponent from the pool of challengers.  And then you shy kids will be thrust on the field of battle where you will meet your blind date!  Think of this as an ice breaker/alternative to just using open challenges.

Sign ups with be open for a week and a half with a minimum of 6+ fighters.  Sign ups close on Sunday April 1st.  If this proves popular we may open up the slots and increase the regularity of this method.

Parameters are a 1v1, 3 week normal battle.  Again, this is not an event, just a chance to get a normal battle with someone unexpected!

Sign ups
1. Astro Sean with Harvey

2.yarnwitch with Sumiko

3. Golden with Crikey Dile

4. Jaykat with Izanami

5.fukur0 with Ruuto

6. Radji with Marie

7.rittzler with Navy

8.mrpr1993 with Cassidy Madson

9. Technicolor-yawn with Click Lyric

10. Fox with Kao5

11. MyHatsEatsPeople with Wizzie Belles

12. pyrasterran with GIGARA

13. Orion with David Birch

14. Shen with Sovereign Greece

15. Camel with Klepp

16. Jiisuri with Miyajima Minori

17.Nothin with Beo

18. Dechado with Lesdai Grahl

Jobs / Commissions on Social Media!
« on: Jul 08, 2017, 08:11 AM »
Hey guys,
I'm sorry I'm not always on top of things.  I kinda didn't know this section existed.  So what I want to do is this.  I'm one of the people on staff who is primarily concerned with our social media output.  So from now on, if you put your commission info in this thread I will do my best to blast it on tumblr and facebook and get the word out.  It would also make it easier for me if you put it on a handy dandy infographic like many of you already do.  I notice the thread hasn't been used in awhile but I want to change that.  So I want to help signal boost your needs!  Just keep at it and I swear I'll try to do a better job of following along.  If you post and you haven't noticed it on social media for a few days please feel free to IM me and be like "Fuckin' Duel, where's my shit?"

Since stuff on this thread is pretty old, I'll put out newer info from this point forward.

spit spat, time to chat / Circle of Hell Anthology
« on: Jun 26, 2016, 08:40 PM »
Creepy.  Weird.  Horror. 
If any of that sets off some bells then I'm looking for you.  Some of you may know me as William Duel.  While to others, I am just William Duel.  But my friends call me Willy D.

I'm working on a horror comics anthology this summer and so I'm casting this open call out into the vast nethers of the internet.  I'm currently accepting submissions until September 1st, 2016.  I intend to publish a small print run on kickstarter when all is said and done.  So if you're interested or curious the full details and specs are listed at ye old Tumblr link below:

Jobs / Kojima Productions!
« on: Dec 16, 2015, 05:51 PM »
So everyone knows about how Konami has been a shitbag towards Hideo Kojima right?  Well now in partnership with Sony he's opening up a new studio Kojima Productions.  All sorts of positions are opening including character designer and so forth.  It can't hurt to try!

(Scroll towards the second to last screen for details on positions open)

VOID University / VCU Gesture Drawing Hangouts!
« on: Aug 31, 2015, 11:30 PM »
So I wanted to organize a hangout dedicated specifically to gesture drawings.  It's based on the same premise as Red's 2013 Gesturing Drawing Challenge and would work according to the same idea:

Basically I think we could make this a weekly thing.  Gather a group of people in a hangout and run the posemaniacs for 30 secs and run it for half an hour to an hour or more if people want through the screenshare feature.  It could be a pretty relaxed and social thing where we could encourage each other to make gesture drawings a habit.  But I wanted to gather some info first to make it consistent and we could post information in this thread.  I know we all come from different time zones so I want people to say what days and what times would be easiest for them.  Depending on what people suggest we might have a couple of these at different times to accommodate different groups of people.

I have an erratic work schedule but I am fine with most weekdays around 9-11 pm Eastern Time. 

spit spat, time to chat / Post Your DA!
« on: Aug 30, 2015, 08:14 PM »
So I'd like it if people could post their DA accounts in this thread to make it easier to go through people's galleries and find Voidcentric stuff to go to the DA group.  And by doing this it might also be easier to have a central place to refer to and see each other's art.  I'll start first:

News & Events / The Black Stripe! The Legend is Real!
« on: Aug 18, 2015, 09:18 AM »
Whispered about in rumor and long regarded as an ancient myth, as a foible to those who dared defy the gods...
The anthology no one expected, the Black Stripe is here!

I can't apologize enough for the delay but as promised, the book is really real.  I want to thank everyone who helped me and pushed me to complete it.  I've learned a great deal and I have the experience under my belt now.  But I will say right now I will not be making volume 2 as I have to move on to other projects.  Anyone who feels they can accomplish it (in much less time) is welcome to do so and they can call it Pulpo, or Black Stripe or whatever they'd like. 

Resources & Tutorials / John Ostrander's Writing 101
« on: Mar 15, 2015, 09:50 PM »
I think for anybody who writes comics this is an important and valuable lesson to read.  And it's a very simple one.  John Ostrander is a writer who's well known for his character defining stories and runs such  as Suicide Squad and the Spectre.

Jobs / Top Cow Second Annual Talent Search
« on: Aug 29, 2013, 06:37 PM »
Top Cow Productions is having it's second annual talent search after the success they had last year.  Details in this article:

Regionals / Boston Comic Con 2013
« on: Apr 08, 2013, 11:03 AM »
APRIL 20-21

So Boston Comic Con 2013 is happening here in my hometown of BOSTON (Don't let Red's lies fool you, Boston is cool especially because I live here).  It's a convention that focuses more on comics with some gaming and a film festival.  Lots of big names attend.  I doubt many or any of you might come but still....

Plus I wanted to find out if any of you were interested in the MLP Exclusive variant?  I could try to snag one if someone wants it?

News & Events / RE: Black Stripe Anthology
« on: Mar 12, 2013, 08:28 AM »
Hello boys and girls!
Despite what it may seem like this project has not died but unfortunately I had to put it on hold.  In its current state I cannot in good conscience publish this as being representative of a community like Void.  I blame myself for a few missteps along the way and I know it's been a busy time for many of you and then the Tag Tournament happened. 

So in light of these events, there is a new plan in place.  Starting today, the submission period has been extended until May 31st, 2013.  Think of this as...a new beginning.  Those artists who did submit in time and completed their entries have been contacted ahead of time.  And some of you have been approached to gauge interest in making a much fuller volume composed of old and new members alike.  Those of you who were planning on submitting but got wrapped up in the tournament now have a much larger time frame in which to finish.

I apologize again for how things turned out the first go-round but hopefully with this new time frame, this will let you guys participate in what should be a fun community based project.  I will repost details here for your convenience.

spit spat, time to chat / Voider Webcomics
« on: Feb 07, 2013, 11:03 PM »
I realize that a lot of people go into and start their own webcomics so I thought, why not have a thread that gives them a shout out so people can check them out?  I'll start but if you know any Voiders past or present who have webcomics let's stick 'em in here and give them some love.
For easy access, I will modify the front page:







Jho (Indonesian language only)



Mr. Robot (Evan Dahm)







Jobs / Art Jobs
« on: Jan 23, 2013, 10:09 PM »
I was just thinking I should have a thread like this here and people can pass along and talk about positions they might hear about.  Because...why the fuck not?

I'll start:

Reviews / NYCC: A Review
« on: Nov 03, 2012, 12:14 AM »
NYCC 2012: A Review


  • Or Wow The NYCC is Pretty Cool

So I sit here still flush from the furious action and excitement of the New York Comic Con 2012 just a mere couple of days after it has ended.  I am still fairly new to the convention circuit; the etiquette and subculture that permeates it is something I’m also recently learning.  Yet because I’m a newbie I feel that there is some value in the experiences I have partaken and so I write this article with the hope that what I have experienced will be of benefit to those who have not gone or cannot go.

Let us be clear from the get-go though.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of these big conventions then do it.  The NYCC touts itself as one of the largest on the coast as an all encompassing beast that swallows up comic, anime, figure, and videogame fan alike.  Truth be told, aside from the usual paraphernalia of imported figures, models and posters I did not feel much of the anime/manga crowd as being a definitive presence or at least not as strongly as the highly visible videogame and comic booths.  As a fan of all of these things, I wasn’t much bothered by it but I wonder how fulfilling this convention was for particular fans?

            There were minor annoyances such as the confusing layout, the massive crowds and ignorant staff.  The convention had a barely functioning app and I survived by having the very handy program which included a map for convenience.  The best advice I can give is to be prepared for much walking and to carry some refreshment on you.  If anything knowledge is power and it’ll work in your favor to familiarize yourself with the layout of a convention immediately and have working guides handy.

The Comic Book Professional and You

  • Or How Not to Stare at Someone You’ve Met For the First Time

            What I wanted to talk about specifically though were those experiences concerning the amateur comic artist/writer and how important I realized the convention was to such people.  While the main floor offered booths full of precious swag and moneymakers, the artist alley provided for connections that may or may not last a lifetime.

As a lifelong reader of comics, it is daunting to come face to face with the creators who were just names on a cover but whose painstaking work you’ve held in your hands and long admired.  It is even more daunting because unlike the celebrities on TV, you don’t always know what your hero may or may not look like.  Those preconceived notions may just as easily be smashed as they might be maintained.  As senior VOID correspondent Pi so aptly put it, “Some artists resemble their artwork.”  And then there are those other artists where you stand there gawking and wondering how their very large ideas fit in so tiny a frame.  And then that one guy with the six pack abs and gun show who colors comics for a living and you wonder what he’s doing there.  Well, the point is that when you put a face on them, they become quite human.

I watched as young hopefuls scurried about with portfolio in hand eagerly meeting their favorite artists for a portfolio review.  And as I listened like a fly on the wall to the advice that was doled out, it dawned on me the importance of a website like EnterVOID and why I continue to advocate for it.  The advice that was given was not much different from the critiques we give and if anything was different it was advice on how to put together a proper portfolio.

            If you are one of these types, then I will repeat for you the points I heard from editors and artists alike while I was there:


  • Or Wow I just Eavesdrop On Everybody Don’t I?

Portfolios, which no doubt you will be eagerly clutching one while navigating the stampeding maze of people, there are important points to consider when presenting.  One point being that the content should always be new and fresh.  And obviously it should be of your best work and finest quality.  An excellent piece of advice I heard from an editor at Heavy Metal was that the work in a portfolio should be no older than two years of age.  If you’re constantly improving and evolving as an artist as you should, then older work won’t help you in the eyes of the publisher.  Secondly, you should arrange the portfolio so that your newer work is towards the front.  Remember it’s all about putting your best foot forward and people want to see immediate results.  They’re probably going through tons of portfolios at these conventions and elsewhere so you’ve got to start off strong.

And a final piece of advice I managed to gleam concerning portfolios was that composition and arrangement of one’s work is also a factor.  Let me explain in detail what I mean.  A young woman approached for a portfolio review.  The art was fairly good but he gave her important advice in regards to how she had oriented the art.  She had printed her digital art and fit a few pieces on each page.  He explained to her that how she placed her pieces together, especially in regards to one another was also important and that the goal was to be eye catching in every regard.  So the thing to take away from what I’m saying is that a portfolio should be new strong art, no older than two years, arranged by newest art first and should be eye catching in all regards.

The Importance of Community
  •     Or Why VOID Is So Cool and How This Relates to The Con

As a first time attendee of such a large convention such as NYCC (my first comiccon being Boston Comic Con the year before) I was impressed upon the importance of networking.  NYCC itself offers several opportunities for review and critique and has a few panels devoted to discovering talent or having an editor review portfolios.  Yet it is also just as important to sell oneself to others, to pass cards out to others and put in the necessary legwork.  More importantly though as I nervously spoke to many artists and creators, I realized how close knit the comics community was.  Some current and popular titles came about because a writer or another artist already in the business had namedropped talented friends who were given opportunities.  In some cases, some of these artists came from the webcomic side of things and many such artists have been making small transitions to printed work.  A great example of this is the Adventure Time comic which features backups and regular artists who all have their own popular webcomics and have lent out their talents.  This impresses upon me the importance of a community like VOID.  VOID features people of all skill levels, some who are already in the business and others who are far from it but even so, aside from the art skills we all desperately want to improve upon, and perhaps subtlety so we are also improving our ability to network and reach out to others.

Entervoid also gives strong critiques but in the end it depends on your own ambition and drive to succeed.  At the convention, I heard many critiques which mirrored much of what we often push which is a focus on backgrounds, anatomy, practice, etc.  This experience has strengthened my view of why such a website is important.  Naturally there are all sorts of opportunities available and some happen by chance but by placing yourself in an environment with other people reaching for the same goals, you’ll improve.  By becoming accustomed to deadlines and vital critiques you’re already creating a foundation which can only help you.  Entervoid is a tool which will benefit you as long as you use it.


  •   Or Is It…?

I came away with this convention with a sense of utter satisfaction and contentment.  I had accomplished many personal goals and gained valuable experiences (many of which I have shared with you).  There is something surreal about being amongst people who have broken away from the everyday and are mingling with talented people, some of whom are legends in their own right and have contributed to our own personal journeys.  A convention is a transformative experience and I highly recommend it.

Art Jams / The Black Stripe Cover Contest!
« on: Aug 09, 2012, 02:49 PM »
Well the book is now underway but of course, only due from the efforts of people like you.  (Yes, I mean YOU)  But the book is missing one vital component and since I am a lazy bastard, I'm gonna have you pick up the slack and do the work for me:

The Black Stripe needs a book cover.

The winner who gets featured on the cover will get a free copy of the book (this is coming out of my own pocket so the site is not responsible and the winner will have to sort out details with me).  All other entries will also be featured in the book as pinups if so desired by the artists involved but only the cover artist gets bragging rights. 

January 1st, 2013

That's right, the cutoff point will be about a month before the book's due date because I'd like to have the cover done before the book is.

Who picks the winner?

Me.  Because I am a champ.  I can only be bribed with sex.  But of course, I'll be consulting with the other mods and my hope, whether it's feasible or not, is to score a nice iconic cover that will be a paragon for covers to come.  In all seriousness covers will be judged based on their artistic merit, execution and design.  They can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be.


-Entry must be in color and done in RGB
-Must be 300 dpi
-Must be 7X10.5
-. Text must be clear and fit the aesthetics of the cover. So obviously no scribbles/comic sans.
-Collaborations are fine, just don't use this thread to set them up.
-Will contain the fabulous logo made by Red Revolver so plan ahead:

-When you submit your image, you can also submit an logo-less image to be used as a pinup in case you do not win but still wish to be featured.

The cover can be anything.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like.  You can incorporate the idea of the Black Stripe if you want to or not but I'm sure if the theme (New Beginnings) is incorporated into the design you'll get brownie points and they will be delicious.  The limit I will impose to avoid overlap with our other book, is no VOID characters and while I hope this goes without saying, no copyrighted content.


What the hell are you talking about?

I'm talking about this planned anthology project:


Evi and Mintley

pineapple pocky


News & Events / The Black Stripe Anthology Book! SUBMIT!
« on: Aug 01, 2012, 02:03 PM »

Once upon a time, one of Void's daddies unleashed Pulpo Press, an imprint that published an anthology series for the site's members to show off their skill with standalone stories.  It was a real taste of what it was like to be published and a paradigm of what Voiders aspire to.  But time passed, people moved on and Pulpo went the way of the Dodo. 

Void these days has a lot of new faces and talents and I think it's time for a new publication for a new generation of Voiders.  While we honor and respect the legacy that Pulpo left behind, it's time to signify a new direction under a new banner and a new name.  People of Void, I present to you:

(special thanks to RoflQu on the name, and Redrevolver for the logo)

Much like Pulpo, it will be an anthology series that Voiders, new and old, can submit to and (hinging on the success of this first edition) that we can keep going as an annual endeavor.  People will be free to submit whatever kind of story they like.  This book will be a showcase to present Void in a tasty format to the world.  Plus it'll be fun.  The future is looking bright people, let's make some success.


1. The submissions should be oneshots, stand alone stories with no ties to the Void setting or any other characters who are not your own.  It is encouraged that you explore other ideas especially since we now have an anthology for that specific purpose.

2. Entries must be finished. Unfinished/obviously half assed entries will be declined.

3. You must be a member to submit.  New or old, it does not matter as long as you have been an active member at some point in Void's long storied history.

4. No comic sans or unreadable text allowed. Anyone that uses comic sans or difficult to read text will get declined. You can find good fonts for free at Digitally lettered pages are preferred so you can edit any typos and such down the line.

5. There is no limit on the number of pages but please be reasonable, one hundred page epics may be a little too much.

6. Put your best foot forward.

7. No explicit pornographic content (for publication reasons).


Since this is supposed to be new and snazzy, I thought, why not reflect that in the theme.  The theme of this book will be:

A New Beginning

February 8th, 2013

All entries must be sent to by that deadline to be considered for print. Early submissions are welcome.

As to where the money will be going, all proceeds will be going straight back to Void.

Entries will be decided on by our dark cabal of mods (and not by a single person) and if any changes need to be made they will be discussed.  Please remember to have fun and that we're making a book we can all be proud of!

And special thanks to Angie because mostly, I am parroting her guidelines.


There is also a contest for the cover going on concurrently.  Winner gets a free copy and all expenses paid trip to nowhere:



If you have a title for your piece that may give some incentive please do tell and I'll add it here:

1. Charlie
Title: Tanuki Panic!
Estimated Page Count: Between 10-20 pages.

2. Tofubeast and Pocketmouse
Estimated Page Count: About 6

3. Julienya
Title: Technoshaman in the Holographic Universe

4. Mr. Kent
Title:Welcome Home Astro Cat
Estimated Pages: 16
5. Kinu
Title: Monster Cook
Estimated Page Count: 6

6. Sabulive
Estimated Page Count: 20

Title: Artists In Crime: My Apocalypse
Estimate Page Count: 16-20

8. Animeshen

This is not an ironclad list, just going by people who seem to be planning on it.

Final Note

I will be posting monthly reminders in this thread so that it does not slip the public consciousness.

Reviews / Blankets
« on: May 12, 2012, 10:34 AM »

I am new to the works of Craig Thompson.  Yet I've been curious about him ever since the hype of Habib lit the indie scene on fire.  Angieness submitted her own review of the title here:  I picked this book up at MoCCA Fest 2012 and read it that same day.  So while many of you might already be familiar with this title I thought I'd talk about it for a bit.

Blankets is a thick tome detailing Craig's autobiographical bildungsroman as he grows up and faces the struggles of family, faith and first love.  And though it is thick, don't let it scare you, it's a rather easy read and Craig's great pacing makes it a breeze.  Craig chronicles his childhood struggles with his brother, his faith in God in contrast to the community, his coming to terms with himself as an artist, his questions and desires and ultimately the longing and desire of a first love. 

I think the first and best thing that was great about this book is that despite being an autobiographical work it isn't an endless wankfest or a whiny rant; Craig not only highlights the casual ways in which other people have hurt him but the equally casual ways in which he's hurt those he's loved.  The story is equal parts regret and hope and the idea that you can always move on.  Thematically the book is all about relationships whether it's to oneself or others and how fragile they can be.

I can't say I found the book relatable as I've never grown up as a white boy in a small town with an Evangelical setting.  But that's part of why I was fascinated, because it was a sort of look at 'how the other half lives' and I thought it a new and interesting perspective.  But even with the unfamiliar trappings the emotions and grievances are all very familiar.  I particularly found Craig's question of faith interesting as it mirrors very closely one of my favorite books of all time, Dawn by Elie Weisel, who similarly questions the contradiction of faith and identity and how they can sometimes clash. 

The art itself is as detailed and lush as is expected of Thompson and while I haven't read Habib yet, I expect it to be at a similar level if not beyond.  The panels flow well together and I have no real complaints about the art.  The faces are simple but work well to express a good range of emotion.  Which is great because it's all very expressive and fluid and Thompson certainly shows his experience as a professional on each and every page.  And it's interesting to note, that the landscape that dominates the book is a wintery landscape where all the action seems to take place.  In fact, it's these often detailed landscapes that serve as another sort of metaphor for the overall story.

I do have one complaint about the book however, and it's that I was thoroughly interested in the drama of Raina's family but ultimately we never know her or her family's final fate and that's left up to our imagination.  I think that out of all the struggles that Craig goes through, it's ultimately Raina's struggle I'm interested in and it's rather unfortunate that with all the conflicting emotions and problems they're having there's no finality to it.  But I also think it represents another aspect of life, in that we don't always get to know and sometimes we only get to see a slice of another's person's life especially when it's someone we care about. 

All in all, I heavily recommend the book and if anything it's worth reading once.

Quality 9
Creativity 10
Entertainment 8

Reviews / The Avengers
« on: May 05, 2012, 08:24 AM »
Some people have already given their opinion about this movie but I feel like writing up a review here so that there is a centralized place to have a discussion without filling up the TV/Movie thread.  I encourage people to share their opinions and how they feel etc. etc.

The Avengers

While the story may be familiar to some, the basic premise is that the SHIELD agency which monitors global threats has been keeping track of the various superhumans and such that have been popping up.  When Norse Trickster God Loki and his alien army show up to threaten the world, these heroes are called upon to band together and stop this threat too large for any one person.  Of course as is natural in these sorts of stories, there is some natural friction for these individuals to overcome before they learn to work together.  Directed by the popular Joss Whedon and starring a cadre of recognizable faces, this movie is the payoff for years of individual superhero movies and the building of the Marvel movie universe. 

Right off the bat, I loved this movie.  Perhaps I'm still running on the high from having watched it so recently, but I could find very little to fault on my initial viewing.  While this may change upon repeated viewings, The Avengers represents to me the definitive superhero movie fans have been waiting for.  Marvel's strategy of having each character star in their own movies before teaming up together certainly pays off.  If you've seen all of them, then of course visible threads are followed up on and they all sort of begin and end with the macguffin, the Tesseract or Cosmic Cube as comic fans might know it as. 

The best part about each hero (except for the nonpowered ones like Black Widow and Hawkeye) having their own movies is that there's no need to dwell on their origins and the movie touches upon each character's background either briefly or with a few snippets of dialogue which is enough to keep the movie going.  Each character is succint and well defined and even for a big ensemble cast, no one ever gets lost in the flow and each character's personal conflicts (raging hulk, brother vs brother, the soldier vs the rebel, etc.) is followed up on perfectly.

Of course, Joss Whedon leaves his indelible mark on every scene and piece of banter between the heroes.  If anyone is familiar with his memorable Astonishing X-Men run or even just his Buffyverse stuff, then the dialogue will feel very familiar.  Of course, it gets corny at times, and there's a multitude of one liners and such, but such is to be expected from a genuine comic book movie.  Whedon knows what he's doing and at this point, I can't imagine anyone else doing the sequel. 

The pacing is something I was impressed with, because there is indeed a lot of talking and a lot always happening.  There were times when I began to think "If they keep talking this much the movie will get boring" and then BOOM, action and explosions galore.  The movie did a great job of developing this pattern of talking, action, talking, action and served to properly keep the audience entertained.  Now I've heard some minor complaints from comic fans but I've found them trivial because this movie was also made for a larger audience and certain decisions were made with this audience in mind in terms of timing and storytelling. 

The story isn't anything new and if anything, it's a rehash, appealing to the various Avengers origin stories throughout the years.  In fact, it draws from their very first comic appearance to some of the more recent fare such as The Ultimates and the animated features.  Yet the enjoyment is in the journey, because we know they have to come together and we know they have to beat the bad guys and ultimately it's a deeply satisfying film.  I really cannot wait to see what's in store for the future as individual sequels have been announced, and an Avengers sequel is sure to follow in the future with the assumed success of this film.  I'm just wondering how those other rumored projects will shape up and if the rumored Guardians of the Galaxy will tie in.

Reviews / Welcome to the Review Section!
« on: May 05, 2012, 07:48 AM »
So this is the newly implemented review section of the enterVOID forum and basically it exists so that people can give a more indepth opinion about something they've seen or like and if they want to recommend it or warn people away from it.  While people tend to do that with a few short sentences in the chit-chat part of the forum, this is to provide a place for lengthy discussion on your favorite books, movies, shows, etc. as well as a resource for more information on stories that may or may not interest you.  Hopefully people will find this useful.

Anyone can write a review on whatever they would like.  Of course, topics should be relevant and anything that strays too far off will be erased.  While there are no limits on how a review should be written, if you need help I offer you this simple template that I feel would be helpful in making a full informative review:

Up to Two or Three pictures as a visual preview.
A short synopsis for people who don't know what the story is about.
Your review/opinion.
And perhaps a short grade, VOID style.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and above all, have fun.

News & Events / Missing Battles
« on: Feb 16, 2012, 08:13 AM »
So as I come across missing battles in my travels I thought I should keep a log here of those I find in the hopes that people can see which ones are missing and if anyone by some chance has the pages that they can be reuploaded.  If not then I fear these may be lost forever.  Which is a real pity in my opinion.

EDIT: Most of these links no longer work.

Finnegan vs. Nowhere Boy vs. TL Bot vs. Hiemie the Fishboy vs. Nutty the Squirrel vs. Oz

Dr. Fabulous vs Finnegan

Dr. Fabulous vs Claymore

Ayako and Fluffbucket vs Ben

Esquellio Bonehead vs Ben

Ben vs Nowhere Boy

Cydney in Surreal Realities and Memories Past

OCM and Jinney vs Cydney

Katka Katarina vs. Dee

Katka Katarina vs Eliza Quaille

Iri vs Delanna Andria

Abrao the Spark vs Drednaut
(Abrao the Spark was banned but Drednaut side also missing)

Nameless vs Drednaut

Eden and Seak vs Aidan and Kieran

Mortido vs Katka Katarina

Mize in Abrupt Return Part One

Nova vs Nowhere Boy

Robert vs Pothole

Marcelo Reyes vs Nelson and Macario

Marcelo Reyes in Math = Taco Sauce

Worltex vs Marcelo Reyes

Marcelo Reyes in A Little Too Tipsy

Shrapnel Girl vs Bob the Destroyer

Tanuky vs Aesimi and Beethoven

News & Events / Enter the Void with Rob Stull
« on: Feb 14, 2012, 06:05 PM »
Now I've personally met and chatted with Rob Stull and he's a really cool guy with a lot of strong opinions.  He's been at the comics game for about two decades and knows many many people.  He's worked as an inker and artist at every major company (Marvel, DC, Image, Aspen, Top Cow, etc.) so the man knows what he's doing and he's got a lot of valuable experience.  He's done work on some of the big name stuff like Spiderman, Xmen, Iron Man, Justice League, the list goes on, etc.  And a little bit more about projects he's worked on recently:
"Stull was also the creator and curator of Sequential Art: The Next Step; a first of its kind traveling exhibit spotlighting the contributions of African Americans to mainstream comic book art and popular culture...Currently Stull is a partner in TRUE ELEMENTS Publishing LLC and a creative force behind the COMnGRAF project; a collaborative grouping together of both sequential and aerosol art by comic book artists and legendary graffiti artists. Simply stated, it is “the fusion of two cultures” celebrating the influence each has on the other. "

Example of an inking project:

Commission work:

Illustrations, etc.

Hopefully you guys have some questions.

News & Events / Enter the Void with James Stokoe
« on: Feb 12, 2012, 10:13 PM »
James, Void's prodigal son, has agreed to an interview and claims he will respond with "semi-incoherent sentences".  Sorry if my introduction is a little bare this time around but is there anyone on the site who doesn't know who he is?  Creater of Orc Stain?  The guy behind James Warsaw?  Well known for subliminal penises in his drawings?  If you don't, get yourself acquainted, you owe it to yourself:

The infamous James vs Agent Black battle.

So send me some questions to include in the interview!


Reviews / Thief of Thieves
« on: Feb 12, 2012, 07:48 PM »
Thief of Thieves

Thief of Thieves is a new comic by Robert Kirkman and written by Nick Spencer (Morning Glories) with Shawn Martinbrough as artist.  This comic is being released under Image's new imprint Skybound which seeks to create original creator owned comics and support them through multimedia (wait, doesn't Image already do that?  Isn't that redundant?  Well anyways...).  The core concept of the story is in the tagline: "There is nothing he can't steal, nothing he can't have...except for the life he left behind."  Redmond, or Conrad Paulson, is a master thief and probably the best the world has ever known (shades of the Thomas Crown affair here) but it seems he's tiring of the life of a thief and wants to retire.  In fact it seems like the infamous Redmond wants to leave the criminal life behind and reclaim his family...

First let me start off by saying that I like Robert Kirkman.  I've liked him since Invincible first started.  And you know what attracts me to his comics?  I feel like Kirkman works under a very simple formula, because his concepts aren't really anything innovative.  Some of his ideas feel like things that maybe you or I might have thought of as a kid or just idly.  A werewolf as a superhero?  Bam, Astonishing Wolfman.  A colorful young superhero's journey with all the logical violence intact?  Bam, Invincible.  What if Johnny Quest had a talking T-Rex Best Friend in a mech suit?  Bam, Super Dinosaur.  What happens after the zombie Apocalypse?  Bam, Walking Dead.  And so on and so on.  What makes Kirkman such a great writer in my eyes is that he takes these simple ideas and tells the best damn story he can.  He does it with intriguing characters and big emotional payoffs and ramifications.  He's not scared to dip his toes in genres beyond capes and tights, in fact if you look at the titles I've mentioned, they're mostly different from each other.  And best of all, they're always fun.

I picked up the first issue of Thief of Thieves because of this.  Granted, I've not been keeping up with Super Dinosaur or the Infinite but the art and the concept felt like things that appealed to me.  And boy was I happy it did.  The first issue introduces Redmond as the master thief in the middle of an elaborate heist.  We're introduced to his apprentice, Celia and the comic goes into a bit of their background.  In fact, you informatively get a few tips on how to steal a car.  All in all, I feel it's a strong introduction and I definitely want to dive deeper into this world.  Issue one is meant to introduce Redmond the thief while issue two will focus on Conrad the family man and this is a pretty smart way to go about it.  The dialogue feels natural and fun and the character's personalities are accentuated by it.  According to Kirkman, he was inspired by the way writers for TV shows wrote their stories (like Walking Dead), in which six writers sit in a room and toss ideas back and forth until they iron out a story and that this is the method he wanted to try for this comic.  I have to say I feel like his collaboration with Nick Spencer has definitely paid off. 

I love the art.  I'm naturally biased because I appreciate high contrast which this comic definitely has.  Yet it never feels muddled and the line strokes have a certain style to them that makes it distinct.  The pages are full and tend to have 5-6 panels on average.  The colors are beautifully done too, because while they're not bright, they fit the tone perfectly and help to guide the eye with the flow of the story.

Issue #1 has been off to a strong start and I'm definitely sticking to this title.  Considering the circumstances, I wouldn't be surprised if this became Kirkman's next TV show or movie.

Quality 8
Creativity 7
Entertainment 9

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