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Pinn thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: June 14, 2006
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Pinn is back, and ready for action!
Pinn , or Ella ross to some, is a 19 year old Dhampier; a Dhampier is a half vampire. She was born and raised in Toronto Canada, but later moved to void city. More or less, she steals. Even though she is an amazing thief, she still has much to learn, she is still young and still has the mind set that she invincible.

Being half vampire, she can heal her self more rapidly, yet at the same time, it hurts to heal at that pace for herself. She needs blood to keep her self from becoming deathly ill, but she can not turn or kill anyone she feeds from.
Having the vampire in her, she has lighting fast reflexs, and can jump incredibly far distances, but can not fly or levitate like the full vampire, she also has super human strength, sight and smell and hearing. But, being also part human, she can be killed.

The stones in her gloves, makes it so anything she touches and commands get put into the stones, and can be summoned out at any giving moment.

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