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Kurt and Polterdot thumbnail  Sex: malish and femalish
 Height: 1 meter 85 and 40 cm
 Created: December 2, 2015
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In the nevermore realm, cross-road between the dimensions, roam all kind of chaos warriors, demons, wizards, ghouls and others morons trying to cross dimensions. At the top of the food chain of this place are Kurt and Polterdot... They killed everything.
So they moved to Void City. Because Fuck it.

Kurt is a human soul trapped inside of a robot body stuffed with various weapons. He's an expert at killing things and breaking stuff. He is accompanied by Polterdot, or Dot, a childish spirit inhabiting a doll with a particle accelerator cannon inside of her.
Kurt is kind of a dick most of the time. He is imprevisible but well learned, posed, sarcastic and has a dark sense of humor. He also has a soft spot for children and cats. Dot is cheerful and an avid fan of junk food. A real sweetheart but also hyperactive.

Joelle "Jowee" Dosantos is Kurt's girlfriend, and one of his best lieutenant, a metahuman class 3 whose power is to gives unlimited ammo to any weapons she handles, from guns to tanks. She and Kurt live together, and she more than often has to keep her boyfriend in check when his more apathetic tendencies begin resurfacing.

Skills: Kurt: Agility, strength( lift a car with no problem), martial arts( aim for the joints and pressure points.) proficient with weapons( particularly daggers) and Chonon-box, an item granting teleportation. He can also stop time for as long as his stamina allows it and jump one minute in the past. Body made of super resistant Ouru metal, resistant to magic, ectoplasm, and acid. weakness: psychic powers.
Polterdot: fly, agility, convert calories in energy( I kid you not.), stretchable like rubber(immune to blunt trauma), annoy the enemy to death( literally) provide fire support with her particle accelerator. weakness: fire and math.

Kurt speaks french and english. He is a big cinephile and reader. Often employ literature and cinema quotes (in french or not).
He is also a drunk who inhale any alcohol he see

IMPORTANT NOTE: While Kurt is totally immune to time paradox (his memories are never rebooted and he stays aware of the reality change ) he cannot jump in the future or visit a dimension where time does not exist in some semblance. Otherwise, His chronoBox would overload and go Nuke.

HIS TURF: Old Docks Bridge
HIS GIRL: Jowee, one of his lieutenant.
HIS FRIENDS: Xia, Dr. Fab(one sided), Black Beef.
DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT: Lot of things...

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