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The Carnival Master thumbnail  Gender: Male(?)
 Height: 15'0
 Created: December 30, 2016
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NAME: Carnival Master
GENDER: Male(?)
HEIGHT: 15'0"
WEIGHT: Varies

A mysterious monster who arrived at VOID city. He now looks for souls to hunt to add to his beloved carnival he's building out of anything he comes across.

A psychopathic sadist who enjoys the suffering of the people he maims. The Carnival Master's also very persistent, and will do anything to get their souls. He'll also speak in rhymes sometimes, but he'll mostly do it if he gets the chance to kill something. He also hates cheaters, and he'll go more brutal on them.

It can stretch to great lengths and is very agile and quick. His body can also rotate around. His body can also be de-attached, and should his body parts become severed, they can still move and become reattached back where they belong. His head is also removable; if the head's removed, it can float around, watching their opponent's every move. His hands are huge, and they pack quite a wallop. He can also walk on walls and can bend his body at impossible positions, which provides usefulness to hide inside smaller spaces.

Should he kill someone, he extracts their soul and traps them inside tickets he makes for his collection. He can create monsters and objects or weapons out of the very souls he has currently. The only way to free them is by either ripping the ticket before they're turned or destroy them if that happens. The monster forms vary on what kind of person or creature is, as long it's carnival-related. As for their objects/weapon forms... hope they're capable of speech...

The Carnival Master's very skilled at anything carnival-related. And he can use them for his fighting ability. If the fighting gets rough, he can remove his head to gain advantage.

Despite having powerful abilities, he can still get hurt; his body's skinny frame can be chopped easily, and his powers are limited only on the use of souls. His head's the very thing that has to be destroyed. If it gets destroyed, so will he.

-The Carnival Master's head is a hat with a face. Try not to wear his head. Trust me.


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