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Meridia Oricon thumbnail  Gender: Girl
 Height: 5'2''
 Created: August 6, 2012
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Barely 18, young Meridia Oricon left her hometown and traveled to Void in search of glory, riches and vindication. Laughed at and made fun of by her peers and elders for her attempts at innovation, she made up her mind to prove them all wrong and return as the wealthiest and most powerful Soulscribe of all the magus bloodlines.

She did not think this plan through very well.


-Soulscribe (INNATE):
The study of item enchanting requires hard study and an understanding of the rules that govern the physical world. A fully-trained and committed Soulscribe can do the job for a quarter of the spell components and time needed. They can quickly comprehend the rituals and ingredients needed to perform any enchantment, and altering an already existing object's properties to whatever is needed, which makes them highly sought after by merchants and nobles.

The First Soulscribe, Morphulon the Mad, is said to be able to shape the very fabric of reality to his will, and as such is regarded as a deity by many enchanters.

In Meridia's case, since she is still young, she can easily do any beginner and intermediate-level enchantments, as well as being able to apply or remove enchantments from almost any item. Her excessive experimentation, as well as suggesting that "magic scrolls are too cumbersome, why not use something smaller, like CARDS?" is what brought about the derision and scorn of the established enchanters.

Meridia carries a deck of enchanted cards, mostly consisting of Illusion (flashbang, mirror image, silent walk) and Elemental (fireball, chain lightning, choking gas) magic, and a few Summons (summon spectre, raise zombie, summon wild animal) for self-defense, as well as to prove their efficiency in battle. She can also use the dagger if forced to.

She usually travels light, and carries some spell component in her satchel. She's usually seen in her regular outfit, and wears the robes for official business or when the situation needs it.

-Meridia is usually cheerful and eager to meet other people, and is a bit of an optimist. Likes to help people.
-Does not take insults (or criticisms) very well though, and it has landed her in a fair bit of trouble in the past.
-Has a dislike for too much reading and would much rather get to the practical bits quickly.
-Not too good at planning ahead, and often finds herself penniless.
-Dislikes being forced to do things against her will.
-Has a weakness to sweets, cute fluffy animals, and dashing men.
-Prefers fleeing instead of protracted engagements.

-will appear in a future comic.

TL;DR she's young, brash, uses cards instead of spells, and a nice person.

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