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Lawson thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'4
 Created: June 17, 2016
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Some time ago, Lawson woke up in Void City park with no memories. He soon discovered he had the ability to run incredibly fast. His average speed is roughly 200 MPH, but he has pushed himself to 500. He quickly decided to use his powers to fight crime and be a hero.

During the Valentine's day party 2017, Lawson was caught in a locked off section of the Beowulf. In an attempt to escape he boarded an escape pod with a malfunctioning voice recognition system and was blasted to the far off planet of Nari'va, home of the Drell'nari, a xenophobic race of religious zealots who travel the cosmos wiping out any civilization that dares not follow the "teachings" of their goddess, Nari the Star Matron. In an attempt to both get home and stop their conquest, Lawson stole the source of their wormhole tech, the Quantos Core, using it to return to Void City.

Somewhere along the way, he merged with the core, causing the Quantos rune to now appear on his right hand, currently, it's unknown what side effects this is going to have, other than the fact that his eyes have turned purple.

Oddly, he's in no real hurry to get his memories back. He figures it will come back in time and has resigned himself to just take things one day at a time.

He's very laid back and loves to run his mouth, spouting bad jokes and one liners. He's often described as a "Lovable goofball". One of his favorite strategies is to annoy his opponent to the point of anger so they start making mistakes. This sometimes backfires, horribly.

He's very excitable and is the type to "geek out".

The blue part of his hair appears to be permanent, as it hasn't grown out yet.

His fighting style isn't so much a "style" as it is more a "run into the bad guys at full speed", having a body built like a giant shock absorber helps this style quite a bit, he also sometimes tries to copy moves from fighting games, usually to no real gain.

Super Speed: On average, runs at 200 MPH, but has pushed himself to 500. He's entirely capable of running much faster.
Greater than average strength: Stronger than an average human, however he by no means has "Super strength"
Reinforced body: His body appears to be designed to absorb enormous impact. His bones are extra dense and his skin and muscles are resistant to cuts and tears, which is very useful, in case one ever collides with a bus at 200+MPH
Loves dad jokes.

Literally can't swim, his extra dense bones cause him to sink like a rock.
When he does sustain an injury, it takes longer to heal than normal people.
Loves dad jokes.

The Story so far:
Lawson vs. Dawa (Dawa side): While going about his day, Lawson was followed and eventually man handled by a bear for a bit, it was kinda weird, but the bear was pretty chill.
Lawson vs. Dawa (Lawson side): NON CANNON, SERIOUSLY DON'T READ IT, IT'S BAD.
Valentine's day 2017: After becoming homeless due to the flood, Lawson started crashing on the Beowulf. Initially didn't want to go to the party but was convinced when he was told his outfit would have a cape. Disappeared after the explosion.
The Return: After boarding a (hilariously) malfunctioning escape pod, Lawson was blasted off to the planet Nari'va and was stuck there for a year. He stole a strange device called the Quantos Core which can open wormholes anywhere in the universe to return home, (it's okay, they were using it for religious fueled conquest). Along the way he actually merged with the core and now has the Quantos Rune etched into his hand. Also his eyes turned purple.

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