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Sorry, but I think I'll need to pull out of this, as much as it hurts to say it. As much as I want to make this work, I'll be getting some test results in on Monday, which means I may or may not wind up with a surgery in just the next couple weeks, so I can't exactly claim I'll be good for any longer term commitments.


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Art Jams / Re: Artistic Progression Jam
« on: Sep 13, 2017, 12:12 PM »
From my first comic on void to now

Sharis Room 14
Spoiler: show

Sharis relaxes his body, puting his handaxes back to his side. He grunts, slaking off the acid drenching him, and moves to the table in the room, clearing it off and lifting it.

"The Lady Ashen is in no condition to continue forward right now, and I myself am fairly spent. I suggest we attempt to barricade the entries to the grassy room ahead to prevent more of those creatures from coming upon us, and rest."

He sets the table down near the doorway.

"It might also be good to eat something. Honestly, my stomach feels like we've been traveling much greater than it seems."

Sharis room 14 Round 3
Spoiler: show

Under the Rage, Sharis feels a pull towards his wounds, but shaking his head, charges the final orchid man. He brings his axe down, but the distraction of the wound is enough that his first strike falls short. Planting his foot, he brings his other axe around, slashing across the creature's torso.

1d20+1 wisdomsave = (19)+1 = 20
2d20k1+6 Sharis vs OM 3 first strike = (4+3)+6 = 10
2d20k1+6 sharis vs OM 3 second swing = (14+11)+6 = 20
1d6+2 second swing damage = (3)+2 = 5
Total Damage= 5

Sharis: Room 14 Combat Round 2
Spoiler: show

Sharis casts aside the orchid man's attempt to snare him and grunts as the acid hisses against his skin. With a fury, Sharis slams the blade of his axe into the creature's shoulder, and ripping it free, uses the added momentum of his twist to bring his second straight into the creature's torso.

The orchid man shudders after the second strike, and it's bloom of a head ruptures into a final spray of acid as it dies. Sharis ducks, only just barely able to get out of the way.

Reckless attack as usual: First strike, 1d20+6= (10)+6= 16
1d20+6=(10)+6= 16
Damage: 1d6+6= (4)+6= 10
Second strike: 1d20+6= (16)+6= 22
1d20+6= (18)+6= 24
Damage: 1d6+2= (6)+2= 8
Total Damage= 18
Dex Saves Against Acid Difficulty 12
Sharis Dex save against acid: 2d20k1+2 = (10+5)+2 = 12
Lai Shan Dex Save vs Acid: 1d20+6= (17)+6 = 23
 Seth Dex Save vs Acid: 1d20+5 = (9)+5 = 14

Spoiler: show

As the strange creature lurches forward, Sharis pulls his hand axes free from his sides as his body tenses up, letting the rage take hold throughout.

"Excellent! I was worried for a moment that a simple greeting might have worked!"

The Triton lunges forward, swinging his axe wildly with a shout.

Sharis activates his rage, activating the 3rd adn final use until a long rest. He also uses Reckless attack to gain advantage to attack, and giving enemies advantage to attack him
Sharis rolls to attack with Handaxe: 1d20+6  = (20)+6 = 26
Not gonna bother rolling a second one, but Reckless attack was called prior.
Damage:  2d6+6= (2+5)+6 = 13 slashing

Sharis, room 14

Spoiler: show

Sharis walks along the group, listening to Ashen's.

"A traitor is just that, Fair Lady. A traitor. They are rarely worth more thought than it takes to bring steel down upon them." he says, with a degree less of his usual boisterous attitude, with a very cold touch to his voice.

When the strange plant like creatures come out and beckon forward, Sharis steps forward, half turning his head to the group.

"Keep ready. Societies or not, there will always be those out to do you harm."

With a grip on his handaxes held at his side, he loudly exclaims,

"Hail and well met! We have business to pass forward and search for the archives in this maze."

he repeats his statement in both primordial, and in deep speech, unsure of what tongue this strange creature might know.

He attempts to look around past the creature as he speaks.

Sharis rolls perception: 1d20+3  = (13)+3 = 16

Sharis:Room 27
Spoiler: show

Sharis watches as Lai Shan takes lead in the conversation, and as she goes to leave. He turns back to face Chronia.

"I thank you for the advice. I suppose the least I may do to return the favor is aid my compatriot in acquiring you befitting dress. As for my quest, well, I suppose it is up to fate how it shall go."

Sharis turns back to follow Lai Shan.

"Perhaps there will be something to truly test our might against ahead."

Sharis: room 27
Spoiler: show

Sharis pounds his chest, letting out a laugh that seems to emanate from his entire body.

"HA! But only a few of the triton's mightiest deeds lie etched upon my skin! But indeed, Lai Shan, the Triton have many great tales to share to the few who remain who do not know them!"

He turns to face their host as she addresses him.

"The Triton served as the vanguard to the Triarchy? Ah, the Lady Torn must be speaking of the Three Sirens! I had never considered them to be one and the same. A translation lost on the tides I suppose! It seems you already know some of the glory of the Triton, but what, do you know-"

Sharis strikes a Herculean pose, flexing his body.

"Of the Ahlorsath? Would you hear of Pylorus, he who stole the power of the storms, and shared a portion of it with all Tritons to follow? Would you hear of Reflyn, she who singlehandedly hunted and slew the mighty Red Kraken? Or perhaps Koralas, who pulled the Blue Dragon, who plagued the ships of land walkers, out of the sky so that his brothers and arms could slay the beast?"

With every new story, he changes poses, flexing, emphasizing a different tattoo. He strikes one last pose, both arms to his side, emphasizing his abs, and the ornate tattoo decorating them.

"Or perhaps the best to start with, is the first to bare the name? Primaris Ahlorsath, who swam deeper into the seas than any before him, alone, and found the ancient caverns for which the Triton would rebuild our civilization after the earliest of the armageddons to reach the sea floor."

He relaxes his posture, but stands proud.

"I am Sharis Ahlorsath, a proud warrior of the Ahlorsath line, defender of the Triton Kingdom deep at the sea floor. As part of our duties, I have traveled to the surface world, scouring the lands for scourges to uproot, dark treasures to gather to protect the land walkers from their own greed and avarice, and deeds of might and valor that my descendants to follow shall bear my own visage upon their bodies in reverent remembrance."

Sharis gestures to Ashen.

"The Fair Lady has told me in this maze lie the 3 goddesses themselves, and the mighty medusa who reigns here. So truly, what greater deed could there be, than to rediscover goddesses long since lost to time, and to best the warden who holds them?"
History check:  `1d20+1`  = (20)+1 = 21
Religion Check with advantage because the Triton are SUPER intense about their heritage:
 `1d20+1`  = (2)+1 = 3
 `1d20+1`  = (16)+1 = 17

Sharis: Room 27
Spoiler: show

Sharis follows along, as confident as ever. As long as no hostility is shown towards him, he would hold none towards them.

"The center of the maze then! Why, to get here so soon, I'm beginning to worry that conquering this won't even be worth telling my neices and nephews!"

Sharis: Room 25
Spoiler: show

Sharis' body relaxes, and he lets out a hearty laugh.

"There we go! Not too bad of a warm up, if I should say so! You see, Lady Ashen, so long as you travel alongside us through this maze, nothing shall stand in our path."

He directs his glance towards the "loot" on the floor, and back to Lai Shan and Seth.

"My compatriots, let us gather our bounty and press on! We have much greater foes to conquer if we wish to have something worth telling our descendants of!"

Sharis: Room 25 [BATTLE]
Spoiler: show

Sharis tightens his body as the creature's dagger like limbs tear into his flesh. He grunts, shrugging off the scarab's blows, bracing himself for another assault. Ashen's words do not register, nor does the approach of Seth, even as he feels the mild pain of his wounds ebb away.

For Sharis, there was only the battle. With a twist of his grip, he stamps his foot into the ground, turning, bringing his maul slamming into the scarab's side.

Sharis uses reckless attack to give advantage to his attack, while giving advantage against those who target him as well
Rolls to hit: 1d20+6  = (2)+6 = 8
 1d20+6  = (14)+6 = 20
Damage: 2d6+6  = (3+1)+6 = 10

As a bonus action, Sharis uses his Ancestral Protectors to harass the scarab, giving it disadvantage to attack anyone who isn't himself, and reducing it's speed by half if it takes the disengage action.

Sharis: Room 24 BATTLE
Spoiler: show

Sharis's skin tightens. His entire body tenses. The desert heat. That dead air, that barren wasteland. It racked his nerves to cross it, but now, before him, a creature of the very domain. And finally, something to fight.

Sharis's muscles quiver, his tattoos shimmer, and in a gutteral shout, he lunges forward with his maul, all too eager to let loose.

Sharis uses Reckless attack for advantage to hit, going into a Rage, the spirits of his ancestors swarming the scarab
1d20+6  = (13)+6 = 19
1d20+6  = (2)+6 = 8
Sharis rolls for damage 2d6+6  = (1+5)+6 = 12 bludgeon

Sharis, Room 10
Spoiler: show

Sharis looks around the room, taking stock of its inhabitants.

"So these are the cleaners then?"

He turns to face Lai Shan.

"I must agree. I was told the Medusa lie to the north, but it appears that not all in this maze is as threatening as I had hoped."

Sharis presses forward, heading toward the Northeast door, paying little mind to the Bondees or the Child Snake.

Sharis steps forward on the rope bridge with little hesitation.

"Well, it looks like there are many roads to our destination. Fantastic! We can charge forward even more confidently!"

Sharis laughs, pressing ever forward.

Sharis stopped and looked in the direction of the commotion, seeing the grizzly sight, wincing slightly at Ashen's scream.

"Worry not, Fair lady, for the Bugbear will be fine. His reflexes might have dulled from his studies, but he it still more a warrior than most. Something like that will not stop him."

Sharis turns back to facing the mosaic room, smiling, placing his maul back in it's resting place on his back.

"I trust that this will properly inform the group the real dangers we face in the challenge before us. Now, I suppose, let us dawdle no longer."

Taking a squared stance, Sharis slaps his hands against his chest, and begins to move forward, dancing, each step a harsh movement, as if fighting an opponent only he could see.

Sharis spends an inspiration point on the attempt
1d20+1  = (5)+1 = 6
1d20+1 = (1)+1 = 2 <NOT USING THAT ONE

Sharis watches Luis' response and departure with a pitying look.

"Truly, the shame of many of you land walkers life spans. Too eager to prove valor before you are ready to face it."

He then turns to Seth.

"So then I take it this means you know song dance? If not, then you must be prepared to spill your own blood, though I know you are hesitant to spill others. These sorts of thing do not respond well if you think to be clever" he says, finishing with a gesture to the mosaic.

 Sharis turns to Seth.

"We enter into a mystic maze of legend, my brother in arms! And it presents to us a task. The first to dance to cross, the second to sing, the third to give blood, and the fourth, to die."

Sharis turns back to the mosaic.

"Should our fair lady know song or dance, i say now is the time to use it. Should any of you know the other, then now is your time. If so, i shall be the one to spill blood. No offense meant, but I will be the least impeded. And after that, I suggest no more follow down this route."

Sharis pushes forward in the group, speaking up.

"So this Medusa is to the north then? Fantastic!"

Sharis crosses an arm over his chest, and nods his head towards the Lady Chipilli.

"My gratitude. You have aided me greatly in cutting down time towards righteous battle."

Sharis looks back behind him.

"Fair Lady, it seems we have a heading towards your retribution!"

Sharis tilts his head to the side, far enough to crack his neck.

"Hrm. My eyes don't work well in such dark. It might be better if one of you with sharper eyes take point. I'll guard the rear, and hold off whatever it is coming this way, if it catches up to us."

Sharis gives a toothy smile.

"If luck is on my side, I hope whatever it is walks fast.l

Sharis holds an open palm to his own chest, gesturing to his tattoos.

"Fair lady Chanterelle, make no mistake. You are not alone. As long as you remember them, they will never truly die."

Sharis unslings his maul from across his back, letting the head of the hammer knock against the ground as he rests it by his side, handle in hand.

"Beasts of an untold variety, a warden of myth, and the potential of a rescue of goddesses long thought gone."

Sharis laughs as he hefts the maul in the air, resting it across a shoulder.

"Truly, a chance like no other!"

Sharis notices Luis offering to remove the shackles, and looks mildly perplexed.

"I was not aware the clergy started teaching the art of lock-picking. A unique church it seems, to be sure."

Sharis bangs a fist against his own chest, grinning wildly.

"The Goddesses! Now that, that is a task worthy of a Triton! To free them if they are truly held here, it would be a deed truly worth remembering!"

Sharis lets out a sharp exhale as his muscles relax, before his expression shifts and he laughs heartily upon feeling the slap from Yoshiko.

"HAHA! What can I say? I cannot help but to have this effect on people! And you should relax, my feline accomplice. Here, I see no prisoner, only a victim, used as little more than a glorified key."

He turns his attention back to the bare woman.

"Now, Miss Chanterelle, are you alright? I cannot imagine it to be pleasant in such a place."

Sharis rolls his shoulder, approaching with a grin.

"Aye ma'am. I think we can certainly give it a go."

The triton reaches out for the chains with his hands, a sure look on his face.

"Stay still for just a moment, if you don't mind ma'am."

Sharis' eyes widen, as every muscle in his body sharply tenses, and his tattoos seem to almost quiver as he grabs the chains, and pulls.

OOC: Sharis spends one of his rages to grant advantage on a strength check.

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