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THE INCUBATOR / Pita's Incubator
« on: Aug 07, 2015, 08:43 AM »
I'm Pita, and this is my thread for the Incubator, the subject line will change depending on who I'm introducing.

So let's begin!

'This is Amelia Willpower.  She mostly goes by Millie.  She's a frog and a nurse.
I don't know if I should keep her in color or keep her in black and white (she's an old-timey toon), but if you want colors, here they are.

Who is Millie?  Here's a bit from the file I'm using to write out characters, it's subject to change.
Millie is a nurse who strives to do the best job that she can with the little experience she has.  She’s still learning proper bedside manner and is eager to please.

She possesses a god-like strength, something she utilizes when handling larger patients or acting as a first responder.  Due to past events and incidents, she keeps the fullness of her power under wraps, and she practices using a gentle hand around others.  More fragile patients and babies will put her on edge.

Outside of work, Millie is socially timid, a hopeless romantic, and dedicated to those she considers friends and family.  She enjoys many things to occupy her time (specifically things to help her be gentle), and she’s an avid fan of lucha libre.

Considering this is someone who's put her time and dedication into helping others, I want to keep how she gets into Void simple.

Comics?  I've drawn her in them, but not for Void.  Here's a link to a biggun if you wanna see it.  Design's slightly different, it coincided with a rubberhose OCT.

GO FOR BROKE! / Pita's Pad [kinda NSFW?]
« on: Jul 02, 2015, 08:56 PM »
Hello, welcome to the thread!  I'm Pita, and I'll occasionally post some doodles or progress shots in this thread.
I would post something in the Incubator, but as of the initial writing of this thread, I don't have any drawings that are stable enough for that.  So we're going here for now.

These are a collection of things I've drawn over the past few months.  Chances are high that if it's traditional, it's on a scrap piece of paper or a post-it note.  My work environment provides these for my doodling habits.  If it's digital, it will be done on Paint Tool SAI, and it'll be with the marker tool.

Let's have some fun.

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