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Cadenza thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 5'3
 Created: October 14, 2017
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Age: 19

Cadenza is the daughter of the current ruler of Music city, an isolated city-state where the strongest magic users take up the top of the hierarchy. The city is divided into districts based on musical genres and the people are made of up both humanoids and sentient instruments. As time passed, Music evolves and so do the citizen's taste. The city is constantly facing overpopulation and riots with everyone trying to claim more territory for the ever growing list of sub genres branching out from the main districts.

Cadenza is proud, stubborn, and pushy, dedicating her life to her magical studies over all else. She holds herself to high standards so mistakes weigh heavily on her mind. Cadenza has always loved her city and was raised with the idea she was above her peers and likely to succeed her mother as the next ruler so the cities problems are always in the back of her mind, constantly trying to solve the problems no one else has been able to do.

Powers: People from music city uses magic based on music and music symbols. They refer to themselves as Conductors and Maestros depending on skill level. The limits of the magic come from the stamina of the user, and the imagination to find new ways to implement it. Spells are cast using musical terms or tomes (written like music sheets) for more powerful magic.

Intro- Cadenza sneaks into her mother’s private library to try out a powerful spell that blows up in her face and causes portals to appear between Void City and Music City.
Vs. Fawn - Secretly trying to close the portals manually to avoid any repercussions and ends up babysitting and making a new friend.
Winter collab - Meets Merry! Gets in a one sided snowball fight, and have a little gift exchange with Fawn. She was sick for weeks after the avalanche.
Magic Mayhem - Her mistake comes to light and now she’s gotta run a dangerous errand for her pissed off mother or she’s really gonna regret it.
Queen of the Night - Failed her mission and was banished from Music City. She currently living with Fawn and earning money by tutoring to find a place of her own and figure out her new reality. She is unable to use magic at this moment.

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