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This thread is to how to set up a something other than the standard 1 vs 1 matches. If you find yourself wanting to do something a little different, read on!

I want to set up a small event like a 3-way battle or collaboration with my friends.
Great! Small events like these don't really interfere with other events, so your request will most likely be granted. Please fill out this form so we know exactly how to set up your match!

I want to set up a larger event... like a tournament!
We totally encourage members to create their own events! Since there is a bit more involved, all events must be approved by the staff. This is because sometimes larger events can conflict with other events on the site, and your request will have to be set up manually. We also need to make sure that your idea isn't breaking any rules and is in the realm of possibility.

You can also have a closed event where you choose selected willing participants, OR have a tournament that is free for anyone to join!

Things you should consider while planning an event include:
What style of tournament would be best?
Does my tournament have a theme? Such as "Queen of VOID" or "Murder Mystery"?
Is my event fun and interesting?
Is it similar to other events, or is it unique?

Is my event timed appropriately?

After you have come up with a plan for your event, you can fill out the
Special Event Request Form!

We will let you know if there are any issues and work with you to create your event!
Please use this form from now on to work with the staff. Any large event posted without approval will be locked.

If you want some inspiration from past tournaments, check it out here!

To submit a comic to VOID, you'll first need to go to the manager tab OR the drop down menu at the top of your screen and select submit/upload a comic.

If you are starting a new BEYOND BATTLE (solo comic not against an opponent) click on the first area to select your character and the time limit for drawing. Do not use this area if you already have a comic with a countdown that you need to submit!
If you are in a battle, your comic should appear below this area. Click on the comic you would like to upload under My Comics.

This will take you to the upload screen.
Click on ADD PAGES to select your files.
DRAG the images to the desired order.
CLICK ON THE TRASH CAN to delete pages.

There is no confirmation button! You have until the comic's time limit is up to upload your comics.


Make sure you click on your images to preview your comic! Make sure everything is in the proper order!
DO NOT UPLOAD HUGE IMAGES! Not only will they not be easy to read, but they might not even be accepted by the uploader. TRY TO KEEP IMAGES 1000 PX WIDE AT MAXIMUM!
Do not use file names with special characters such as ñ, à, é, etc.


The number one reason that uploads fail is FILE SIZE. Please make sure your images are appropriately sized! Also, try uploading your files ONE AT A TIME.

Comment on your battle letting us know you are having trouble. Comics are posted manually and you need to tell us before we post it!

Email your pages to

New here? / Welcome to VOID!
« on: Mar 01, 2016, 07:59 PM »
Hi there! If you're wondering what enterVOID is all about, I'm here to give you the basics!

Our goal is to provide an environment for prospective comic artists to sharpen their artistic and story-telling abilities through sequential art (or comics) and fair and honest competition with their peers. Our site provides what has been dubbed at times an "arena" or "battle ground" for up-and-coming young talent to display their skills and refine their art.

Once your character is accepted, you can challenge other artists to a comic battle featuring your characters. As long as the two characters are represented in the comic, the rest is up to you! All genres and styles are welcomed!
Read more about submitting a character here.

The community will then critique and vote on your comics. Comics are judged of quality, creativity and entertainment. The victory goes to the artist with highest score! We frequently have themed tournaments and even death matches. Collaborations are encouraged!
Read the comics that are currently being voted on here.

We also have art jams and resources and tutorials that you can participate in even if you don't have a character approved.

For more info, please read the Help Center
And if you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ


Bullying and harassment on will not be tolerated. We will now have specific rules in place for instances of bullying/harassment that will help keep VOID a friendly community where we support each other.

Reporting(for members)

Any issues within the enterVOID forums or Discord chat should be brought to the attention of staff. Please note that external applications (such as personal streams, google hangouts, etc) do not fall within this category.
We ask that you try to limit your reports to only the most serious of things such as threatening statements, unwanted sexual solicitation or commentary, clearly racist remarks and other highly aggressive types of comments.

If your situation is better classified as involving lack of manners, rudeness, arguing or other relatively minor situations we ask that you cease communicating with the other party. If you have a serious situation, or your attempts to quell the problem yourself have failed then you should contact a staff member staff @

When reporting, please be certain to give the staff a short synopsis of the problem. Please make your explanation as simple as possible and avoid writing the type of long rambling explanations which could only serve to confuse and complicate the issue of understanding what you are attempting to report to us. Also avoid vague statements which lack any real information; the more questions we have to ask to figure out what is going on the longer it will take to help you.

Evidence of the harassment is also appreciated. If you can, provide a screenshot or log of the incident so we can avoid hearsay.

Blocking Members on the forum
If you no longer wish to see the posts of a particular member, try the block feature.
This can be accessed by going to your enterVOID profile page, modify profile, and Buddies/Ignore List.

Consequences for bullying and harassment

•   1st offense – Warning from staff.
•   2nd offense- One day boot/ban of the area the harassment took place (ex: discord chat, forum etc)
•   3rd offense- 1 week boot from all areas of the site
•   Continued offenses past this point will be given a one month ban from the site, chat and related areas. In the most extreme cases, we will ban your account.

Off-site cases
We cannot take any action against members who harassing you in places that we do not control.
If someone is bullying you on an external location (ex: Skype, another forum, Facebook Etc.) please contact the administrator of that site or block the person in that location.

These policies are meant to help with the most serious of matters. Please keep in mind that constructive criticism is a main staple of our site and is not considered harassment.
We hope that on this site that people will feel safe and welcomed into our community. Please be considerate and kind, thank you.

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