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G1G4R4 by PyrasTerran

A young woman underwent experimental treatment to be cured of leukemia, using a mutant protein compound created from organic material found deep within the Earth's crust. The treatment was successful, but resulted in a cursed state: Any rise in heart rate from stress, anxiety, anger, arousal, etc., can trigger a transformation into the kaiju Gigara. The same can occur with bodily/lethal injury. Heavy drug use can help suppress it. Because of her condition, Park cannot die. She has traveled to Void City to search for a cure so she can finally kill herself. Park Kim's story takes place in a contemporary setting. Outside of giant monsters and some sci-fantasy, there are no furries, toons, other other non-human races walking around. The general public is unaware of human contact with intelligent life from other worlds.

Intro Story

GIGARA vs. Mr Awesome

The House
GIGARA vs. Mona & Lisa

Game Night 2: Electric Boogaloo
Andy Heller vs. Boom and Meredith vs. Nyasuu vs. May Wu vs. THE BEAST OF VOID vs. GIGARA

The Call
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