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Ruuto thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: October 12, 2016
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Age: 21
Race: Dragonian (Sun clan)

One of the many many direct offspring of the previous Sun Dragonian chief and possibly one of the few surviving ones. Being cast out of his home and left for dead for not meeting his culture's standards of a proper Dragonian as a child, he wants nothing to do with his family and try to live a peaceful life. However as his father has made a lot of enemies, including descendants of his own children, he is forced to deal with the repercussions of his father's actions.

In contrast to the usual Dragonian, Ruuto is quiet and humble, partially due to experiences in his childhood. Rather than using violence as a conversation, he'd rather try to talk things out in a peaceful manner. He has a high patience for people and can be considered to be quite a doormat, especially with people he is particularly close with.
Although he's a docile person in nature, he still has an explosive temper that is typical of his kind and any of his gentle traits will be replaced with bouts of aggressive and violent behavior, usually when someone he holds close to his heart gets hurt.

Ruuto's main ability (or 'gift' as called by his clansmen) is to manipulate and generate fire to his liking, whether it may be for battle purposes or mundane life. While the main source of his flames occur from his mouth, other parts of his body can generate enough heat as hot as fire. This leaves him mostly immune to fire attacks weaker than his but he can just be as easily overcome by flames stronger than his.
As a key characteristic of Dragonians, he is capable of shifting into a dragon form. Although his breath power and speed is much more impressive in this second form, he is considered to be a weak class compared to other members of his people and cannot take a strong hit; only in cases of retreat, desperation or extreme emotional turmoil would his dragon instincts start taking over.

Other skills also include superhuman strength, immunity to common colds, being able to swim (terribly), acting out both bird and lizard-like behaviors, and being painfully socially awkward.

- Intro Story: Ruuto and another dragon gets caught in the flood and resorts to hanging out in the trees before reaching Void City. He meets and befriends a rabbit, Bunip, some time after.
- Scarmaggedon 2016: After a showdown with a quirky bunch of characters, Ruuto's right eye is left scarred and unable to use while Bunip becomes the host to the demon, ex nihilo
- Winter Party Collab 2016: Ruuto makes a new friend in Karrin
- Valentine's Day Party Collab 2017: Ruuto gets into business he shouldn't get himself into, tries to comfort a girl and gets fucked up before being booted from the party.

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