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Kao5 by Fox
Kao5 thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 7
 Created: June 15, 2016
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A Pear Industries brand Male Cheetah Anthroid (Anthropomorphic Android). Although he has, in many ways, developed beyond his initial specifications, he is in many others, still a “companion” as designed. (Read: Sex-bot) The most significant physical modification (designed and implemented by his former Master) is an upgraded epidermis, with both greatly enhanced sensitivity, and accelerated self-repair. Has limited access to "pocket dimension" storage systems. (Where he mostly just stores extra clothing)

Koa5's owner was a sadist, who upgraded both his sensitivity and his resilience, the better to hurt him. When he found out that his anthroid sex-toy could move beyond a lifelike doll and become truly sentient, he forced the transition.

Kao5 left.

Having spent some time on his own, making a living as a sex worker, he has a... complicated relationship with his own sexuality. Despite this, he presents a mostly cheerful, even playful front.

A note on visual language:

All anthroids wear an identification collar and are logo'd front and back.
Ko5's eyes match his logo color, and shift with it as follows:
Pink is the standard color. (Systems normal)
Blue indicates either standby, charging, or command mode. (Anthroids can be given direct commands and expected to follow them. Sentience undercuts this.)
Red indicates an error, including breaking internal safeguards. (Lying, intending to do harm to another, disobeying a command, etc.)

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