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Vespa Valencia thumbnail  Gender: F
 Height: 5'7" or 5in
 Created: May 30, 2016
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If you ask Vespa Valencia about her past, she'll say was just doing what fairies do best: cause trouble. Judge Ladybird, sick of Vespa's constant visits to Fairy Court for her drunk brawling, decided to invoke the spirit of Fairy Prime Minister Aurora's recent Restoration of Fairy Tradition campaigns as an excuse to exile her and her brand of "fairy mischief" to the mundane realm.

Vespa is a fairy delinquent, self serving and not terribly concerned with the world except as it interests her. She's blunt, hot blooded, and easily provoked. She likes to play tricks and laugh at the misfortune of others, but she's usually not patient enough to lay the foundations for the more heavy duty fairy trickiness. This and her relatively weak fairy magic make her a pretty awful fairy compared to her kind, but among humans what little grasp she has of magic and fairy rules gives her an advantage. Ironically, getting kicked out of the Fairy Realm may be push she needed to actually learn How to Fairy for once.

Her primary weapon is her fists. Sometimes she brandishes a knife, mostly for bravado. Increasingly she uses a little burst of magic (to power a glamour, a substitution, a gust of wind, etc), for an edge in a conflict. Her grasp of magic isn't much, but at the very least she's able to easily switch between her tiny winged sprite form and a more conventional human shape without hassle. She can fly and bend reality much more easily as a sprite.

Note: She has a heavy wasp motif, and aspects of her appearance and personality may reflect wasps, but she is not actually a wasp and is not obligated to accurately reflect one.

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