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Velvet Starr thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'11
 Created: February 22, 2009
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Age: 27
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 150lb
Race: Polynesian

Velvet Starr was once a popular and successful cage fighter, but has recently retired.

Velvet Starr is now unemployed, but clings to her past stardom, doing book signings, shoot interviews, and any reality show she can grab onto.

Velvet used to be extremely vulgar and easily agitated, but has since calmed down, and become a more peaceful woman. But she still has her moments.


Skyhigh is Velvet's alter ego. As Skyhigh, she tends to be quite the entertainer, showboating around while kicking ass. She wears the mask she stole from Andre as part of her costume.

Velvet Has jumped from gang to gang, but is now currently on her own.

After Velvet vs. Andre:

One night, Velvet found herself at a bar with a man known as Andre. After a bit of drinking, they found themselves back at Andre's apartment. After a night of hot sex, and with Andre asleep, Velvet discovered that Andre was none other than the sentai Heiren. She found his mask, stole it, and made a quick getaway before Andre could awake. With said mask in hand, Velvet created her alter ego, Skyhigh. (refer to Win Pose picture for reference)


Andre fucked up Velvet's vocal chords (two thumbs through the throat) and now she has two scars on either side of her neck, and is mute. The bitch can no longer bitch.

verbally, anyways.


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