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Stud Beefcliff thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: Prior to recording
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Stud Beefcliff is actually Mr. Kohinar, the CEO of America's largest corporation (atleast in "The Adventures of Super Warren") who, through many mishaps he suffered over the course of a week (being shot in the head and having his legs burned off with acid by
Kohinar's rival corporation, Mexicorp), lost enough of his sanity and gained enough super human power to become a super hero (atleast that's how he thinks of himself). Although he fights evil, he will also try to kill anyone he perceives should be killed,
including other super heroes who he feels are interfering with his agenda (generally by simply existing).

He has a head implant that can create an armored mask (which he uses to conceal his true identity as it changes his facial features as well as his hair), robotic legs (granting
him super speed and dexterity), and the financial might of a gigantic international corporation behind him to provide him with a deadly arsenal (including his signature XT-38 Automatic Hand Cannon, combining a fully automatic .50 cal, rocket launcher, flame
thrower and portable nuclear device - he hates to lose). The side effect of using his implant is that prolonged use causes temporary insanity, usually resulting in ridiculous amounts of ego inflation, unbelievable risk taking, and catastrophic amounts of collateral damage. After each battle the world will no longer be the same.

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