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Agent Black thumbnail  Gender: Subjectively M
 Height: 5'6
 Created: August 25, 2005
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Headaches, Chronic Retroactive Amnesia, Schizzophrenia, Guns and their Ghosts ! This is one of Black's favorite things.

Enter Black , everyone's favorite amnesiac assassin. Oh Black, where will you wake up today ? In the clinic of some Government regulated japanese highschool, an outhouse in Nevada somehwere with a 50cal Sniper Rifle in your hand ? Or perhaps , you find yourself, again and again in the attic of some apartment riddled with post-it notes as a part of a chronic amnesiac's daily breakfast, like you do now ?

So where is it this time ? Hong kong ? Neo-Berlin ? Great Washington ? The 7th Reich ? Amazing right ? Feels just like a videogame. Yeah, I felt that way too when I read this over and over again but I assure you, looking it it up in the Network will just waste your time to another dramatic revelation of what new age you've gotten yourself into. But today(and tommorrow , and quite possibly yesterday for a couple of years now . . .), you've landed yourself a real moneymaker of a shithole , lots of creeps to blow away, lots of maniacs that can take a whole clip and ask for seconds, and plenty more of those "specialty" customers on the side that you always have to kill another way using god knows what kind of expensive bullets, and 80 dollars worth of post it notes to find out what all. It seems the company is keeping busy as well and got themselves into some major politics of this place, so expect more morning quickies, afternoon brunches , and late night snacks with your "friends." You'll see what I mean, they're quite talkative for a bunch of inanimate outdated weapons (yes, you'll find that this is NOT normal among people, just you, you're special.)

So enjoy, breathe the fresh(er) air that is the result of classic power plants, the lovely lack of psi-wave traffic saturated in the air that you oh so loved in your previous residence, and read the post it note next to this. Your assignment is probably in the next room right now. But dont worry, use the shotgun hidden up your sleeve in case of emergencys.

X's but not O, yours truly

Agent Black

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