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News & Events / Re: ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Jan 13, 2019, 12:35 PM »
Best of Void 2018 preliminary voting is now open! You only have a week to vote!

News & Events / ..-||BEST OF VOID 2018||-..
« on: Jan 11, 2019, 09:38 PM »
2018 was a year of transition, as we say goodbye to old members and hello to new ones, start looking at the site differently from what it used to be, throughout the trials and tribulations we managed to pull out great comics and hit new heights! Who will claim the most coveted and vaunted titles of last year? You decide! Just nominate your three top picks (up to three) for each category and once we tally the choices, we'll gather the majority selections of each and put them up on polls for you to vote, propelling the most-voted candidates to the Winner's Circle to claim all the bragging rights. To help you guys along, the mods have tirelessly compiled some relevant info and data to help you vote.  Remember these categories are for comics and artists featured here in the year of 2018!

Voting for nominees begins on the 13th of January and will remain open for one week, at which point the nominees will be selected and presented for a final vote to determine the winners of each category, announced during the last week of January.

These two stages should give you plenty of time to think critically and/or reread classics of 2018!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE [Deadline: January 20]

You can only vote once, but if you wish to change your votes, contact Pyras before the deadline.

When Nominations are Over, CLICK HERE TO VOTE ON THE FINAL BALLOT [Deadline: January 27]

Reference Guide

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Member of the Year (Example of an exemplary member of the community who is welcoming, helps others, is active and vocal, puts in extra effort for the sake of the community, etc. Can be a new person who has shown to become invaluable quickly, a staff member who has done a lot for the year, and anyone inbetween who has made an impact in 2018)
Most Improved Artist
Most Improved Writer
Best Newcomer
Best Monochromatic Comic
Best Full Color Comic
Best Beyond Battle Comic
Best One Shot Comic (Artist, Sparring, etc.)
Best Antagonist
Best New Character
Most Dearly Departed (Favorite Character who died this year)
Character of the Year
Event of the Year (can be a tournament or battle royale, or a specific storyline be it global [like the meteor, armageddon threat, flood, creamimi rampage] or a specific character's storyline, etc.)
Best Collaboration Comic (does not include holiday collab comics)
Best Battle (collectively best final products altogether from each artist in the battle, tightest score race, solid performance on both sides, etc.)

Active New Characters (had at least two battle & is alive ((exceptions to late-year entries)))
Niles Khari
Aleyjah and Sukri
Azure & Co.
Akira Matzugi
Harlow Ironlocke
Egg Dealer

Beyond Battles and Artist Comics of 2018
Wintertime Interlude / Zoey by Pita
It's the Thought that Counts / Veronica Nightingale by Majikura
Christmas Spirits (collab) / Gray Owl and Gray, by PyrasTerran and Shen
Fredv.2.0.1 / by Fred v.2.0.1
Conway Convict / Conway by Karmalarma
Disarmed / Capslock and Shift by Evi
Eggs made me the man i am today / Egg Dealer by Boogidibzdo
Retribution - Breaking Point / Arena and Miller by Pyrasterran
Thread of Fate (collab) / Zoey and Zita the Ragdoll by Pita and Radji
Dollhouse (Collab) / Alma the Witch, by Cats and ArtsandGoodies
Interlude(collab) / Talon and Cadenza, by Badger and Cats
New Opportunities / Dane by Thorhugs
Table for Two (Collab) / Ma, Mr. Murder, and Harvey by Corn of the Breads, E.W. Schneider and Astrosean
Retribution: Caelum’s Ultimatum / Veronica Nightingale and Miyajima Minori by Majikura and Jiisuri
Back and Black / Killjoy by MauiMicrowave
Operation Papillon: Part 1 / Wizzie Bells by Hats
Queen of the Night / Cadenza by Cats
Rebirth of the Dark Messiah -Prelude to SRT 2018- / Hyperion by AJ
Hart & Might- Curtains! / by Pita
Ghosts / Talon by Badger
You’re my Role Model (Collab) / Trixie and Fawn Nightingale by Desichan and P0cketm0use
When Everything Change, We Stand Together / Kurt and Polterdot by Radji
Magic Mayhem Intro / Gwen and Regi by Gregly
Fawn’s Blind Date / Fawn Nightingale by Desichan
1YO Part 1 / Baby Barbarian by Futreblot
Oh Woe is Worm (Collab) / Wictor and Niles Khairi by Wirecat and Astrodile
Interring the Family / Kiski and Talbot & Scroop by Radji and Zee (Collab)
From Shadows we Feast / Wictor by Wirecat
Starbirth (Collab) / Terrance Klash-Kim by Pyrasterran and Petarvee
Galaxy Supersurgeon (Collab) / Azure and Co by Zee and Rhimwill
Self-Confident / Niles Khairi by Astrodile
I’ll make love to you, Potentially / Invyn & Jasper by Reecer6
The Thieving Cat (Collab) / Kreta, Ji Kei, Tetsukawa Zanko, Lang Zhujiang, Zariah Aman, and Hakase and Kuno by Majikura, Mamoru, Jiisuri, Ten Dead Kings, wingrider92, and A Bad Idea
Here he Comes / Niles Khairi and Wictor by Wirecat and Astrodile
The Return / Lawson by Oberongoat
Mother Knows Best / Veronica Nightingale by Majikura
Reach for the Stars / by Hellis
Podsnappery / Talbot and Scroop by Zee
Nightmare / Louise Ambre-Aliona, and Holden Shark by Radji and !Bangarang!
Surviving Life / Quint by Symon_Says
Priest to Meet You / Adwell and Merrik Sanderson by Alouisse Ver and P0cketM0use
Three Wishes Fam Three / Charkley by Savagedab…. Aka Hiemie
Memoria Mortis / Jonos Valorous by Orion
Vs Joey Reloaded or "Up Owl Night" / Miller and The Gray Owl by PyrasTerran

Most Prolific Artists (6+ battles in the year) ((holiday collab comic participation counts as one comic per holiday))
Mrpr (15)
Nothin (15)
Pyrasterran  (14)
Desichan  (13)
Radji  (13)
Golden  (12)
Cats  (12)
Reecer6 (12)
Fred V2.0.1  (11)
Astrodile (11)
Mister Kent  (11)
Hellis (11)
Yarnwitch (11)
Shen  (11)
Zee  (9)
Bobo  (8 )
Majikura  (8 )
Corn of the Breads (7)
ArtsandGoodies (7)
Badger  (7)
Fukur0  (6)

New Artists in 2018 (+2 comics in the year)

Characters killed in 2018
Lena Viltdottir
Rue and Wormwood
Silent Protagonist
Serra Bloodslam
Cutie Mark
Jung Ho Kim
Alma the Witch
Doanna Donut
Multi Headed Nut Wizard
Madness Meister Mania
Terrance Klash-Kim

Events of 2018
Sovereign Greece’s Winter Holiday Blowout
Speed Death Tournament 2018
Lovechild Tag Team Death Tournament
Magic Mayhem
Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018
Void’s Sexiest 2018
Short and Sweet- Inktober
Happy Happy Halloween: a Wispy Winterbrook Story
All Together Now! 2018

Notice any information above is incorrect? Just let us and we'll correct it! Have questions about a category? Go ahead and ask us!

Want to advocate for an artist, character or comic for an award? You can freely post your reasons for why you think a certain award should go to whom. BUT REMEMBER only nominations tallied in the form link shown at the top will be used to determine the final nominees

« on: Jan 06, 2019, 11:57 AM »
the schedule has been updated

« on: Jan 04, 2019, 11:32 AM »
Election Royale: A battle royale for the seat of mayor in New Void City

Magical Girl Team Death Tournament: 2v2 battles with magical girl team characters/shared characters

Bootcamp Round Robin Regimen: A round robin event for up to 4 novices looking for hands-on coaching through three battles each, get a graduate title for completing all three battles

Heavyweight Tournament: Battle royale for the living title held by the best of the best, who must defend their title in future battles

Invitational Tournament: our week-long draw-time, new-blood event for new members to get in fast with just a character sheet

Toontown Showdown: 1v1 standard battle tournament, only toons allowed

Month of the Dead: all dead characters can now participate in matches

new year, new TCs

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Jan 03, 2019, 04:41 PM »
If no new Retribution matches are started by the end of January, Retribution will be fast-tracked to the final phase

« on: Jan 03, 2019, 04:25 PM »
The tournament schedule for 2019 is now live

Art Jams / Spider-Void - Spidersona Jam
« on: Dec 27, 2018, 04:01 AM »
anyone can wear the mask

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Dec 24, 2018, 05:19 AM »
\V/Cast 12.23.2018
With: Astrodile, Kozispoon, Pita, Wirecat


1) 00:01:39 - Election Royale Political Debate
2) 00:46:15 - ATN Finale: Gravediggers & Dale vs Izanami & Samira
3) 00:51:58 - Gray Owl & Gray in Christmas Spirits
4) 01:08:03 - Precious - Intro Story
5) 01:19:14 - Farewells & Plugs

New mic for better recording plz lemme know if it's helped

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Dec 22, 2018, 01:43 AM »
\V/Cast 12.20.2018
With: ArtsandGoodies, Astrodile, Pita


1) 00:02:16 - Veevee & Scroop
2) 00:08:38 - The Smile vs Harvey
3) 00:15:04 - Conway Convict
4) 00:18:45 - Harlow vs Niles
5) 00:24:07 - Hellgrammite vs Zoey
6) 00:37:39 - Fred 2.1.0
7) 00:41:28 - Kindervampen Intro Story
8 ) 00:46:41 - Kindervampen vs Lucy
9) 00:54:26 - Kindervampen vs Judgment Call
10) 01:00:22 - Click Lyric vs Egg Dealer
11) 01:13:32 - Sumiko vs Ma

I tried some cleanup filters that ended up distorting some of the voice more than I thought it would, especially when folks are talking at the same time, apologies, BUT I've got a fancy new mic (that I re-recorded the intro with) and while I didn't get a chance to get it to work for the session, I should sound much clearer in the next episode

News & Events / Re: ]ELECTION 2018
« on: Dec 18, 2018, 04:19 PM »
"Time to pass the mantle into another pair of deserving hands. With a city as varied as ours, it deserves the privilege of varied leaders so that it may be viewed at all its angles."

Mayor Gumshoe has made an official statement and will not seek re-election for a 2nd term!

My friends from back home pitched in and got me a Switch and Smash for christmas T-T I love my friends

here's my code if anyone wants to play Smash or whatever comes later: SW-8101-1528-2915

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Dec 05, 2018, 11:35 AM »
\V/Cast 12.01.2018
With: Technicolor Yawn, Radji, & William Duel


1) 00:00:45 - Void Future Wishes
2) 00:08:39 - Void Future Wish Readings
3) 00:22:53 - ATN 2: Gravediggers & Dale vs Xia & Greece
4) 00:39:39 - ATN 2: Jiko Shi & Capslock and Shift vs Izanami & Samira
5) 00:48:27 - Farewells & Plugs

there are a few dropouts with Radji's voice and there's a mysterious zipping sound coming from William Duel's recording halfway through.

Art Jams / Re: ELECTION 2016 Art Jam
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 10:28 PM »

It's time for some new topics/polling data.

This is all for fun, and anyone is free to come up with other data

Hot Topics

-Crime has been middling out like never before
-Continued presence of active Murphy's Law members & Old Docks remaining seceded keep morale from improving higher
-What direction to take to ensure victory against the Lawless

-Kaiju virus scare after what happened in Caelum
-Lingering effects of the Magic Mayhem comet
-Policies on response & relief after disasters strike
-Giant monster management

Crime & Corruption
-How to clean up corrupt courts & prison system to work more efficiently with reformed police department
-Reduction of Caelum-affiliated corporate control bleeding in further after the Retribution Act
-Reduction of Lithium-funded hacker attacks affecting the city infrastructure and economy
-Void Elite demanding action against the Gray Owl
-Overall crime policies & reform

-Moon Stone related incidents dropped significantly thanks to hiring of outside help (i.e. Park feeding them to Somadis)
-Review and assessment of the Retribution Act & its results/effects
-Small but outspoken group opposed to Karrin Klash rebuilding ruins of Toon Town district into Wulftown
-Plans on what to do with still-quarantined Mt. Soma site
-Policies with vigilantes/heroes & interaction with law enforcement
-Select demographics outraged with mass live-TV Sexy Royale events

Notable Voter Demographics

-critical of policies that benefits metas/non-human
-proponents of technology & policies designed to counter abilities of metas/non-humans
-tend to lean with policies similar to Caelum

-critical of police due to long bloody history of police brutality & oppression/discrimination of non-humans
-opponents of policies that lead to more militarization & government power for fear of return to non-human oppression
-tend to lean with policies similar to Lithium

-Prefer policies that promote the arts & entertainment
-Proponents of comedy & clever, witty comebacks
-Certain concerns important to the community & unique from all other voting blocks (like what color & shape the balloons for the parade will be)

-French is 2nd most spoken language in Void City region under English
-Like French things (like freedom of expression? Populism? Idunno I’m not French)
-Knowing French is a plus I bet

-All will vote for the same candidate
-Most concerned with safety & security
-Unconcerned with financial arguments as they have their own bank & financial system that keeps them stable

-Critical of policies that give police more control over vigilantes & organizations
-Critical of policies that inhibit citizen arrest
-Critical of policies that give citizens and companies freedom to prosecute vigilantes for collateral damage

Void Elite
-Support deregulation policies for companies and corporations
-Less likely to care about social welfare programs & lower class issues
-Powerful demographic thanks to donations, campaign contributions & lobbying/networking

-Newly rising demographic thanks to Space Elevator
-Prefer policies that promote easier living and integration for non-carbon-based lifeforms
-Strong proponents of progressive policies that would help Void City's society, infrastructure and technology catch up with the rest of the galaxy

Art Jams / Re: ELECTION 2016 Art Jam
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 08:51 PM »
Appropriating this for the 2018 Election

News & Events / ]ELECTION 2018
« on: Dec 04, 2018, 08:01 PM »
As Retribution rages on and Mayor Gumshoe refuses to let the press know whether or not he's seeking re-election, the machines politique march onward, and the people must once again decide on their ambiguously canon leader to run the chaotic metropolis of New Void City! It's time for another

The way this works is simple:

Two or more characters will face off in a comic battle royale, each drawing a campaign/election related comic. The previous mayoral character is automatically signed up if they wish to seek re-election.
The winner becomes the new Mayor of Void City

*(this is not an official title like those for tournament champions, but rather a fun way to shake up the collective "canon" we artists use for Void City)

Jane Blonde faced off against Buster Jones to earn her seat, and you can read that comic [here]
After Blonde's resigning, a political battle was waged between Buster Jones, Koosh-Koosh, Conway and Gumshoe, leaving Gumshoe coming out on top as Mayor. You can read that comic [here]

The comics do not have to follow any set narrative path. You don't have to literally write your character winning the campaign in your comic, acceptance speech and all (and it might be more fun to not do this and add to the air of mystery of who will be mayor), it could be a specific story that happens during the campaign season. You can read previous battles to get an idea.

Now like any election for office, candidates must meet a list of requirements to be selected, and no more than six characters will be selected for the battle royale. Please be courteous if you are not chosen for this election.

Candidate Qualifications*
1) Candidate must be a full grown adult
2) Candidate must be a registered citizen of Void City (not a just a resident, or fresh off the boat/spaceship/interdimensional portal)
3) Candidate must have paid their debt to society for any past crimes (payment of fines, jail time, community service, etc.) ((don't worry you don't have to have had this happen in comic form or anything but identifying it in your comic would be nice. Essentially your character can't be a wanted criminal anymore in the comic))
4) Administrative experience is NOT a requirement (but will be taken in as a plus for qualification)
*You can still technically sign up for Election with a character that doesn't meet these qualifications if you're creative or clever enough, check out Jaques' run as 'Buster Jones' in the previous Election battle

Signups will end once enough candidates have been selected (at least two, ideally four, no more than six), or end on the 27th with Gumshoe running unopposed and automatically winning as Mayor for another 2 years.

Once the candidates have been selected, a reasonable date, drawing time and deadline will be negotiated with the artists participating in the battle, in order to accommodate for the best chance for all artists to give it their best. Starting time will ideally be as early as possible.

Good luck, future Mayor!

Primaries List
Tsumi Watanabe
Buster Jones

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Nov 20, 2018, 05:23 PM »
I accidentally posted this episode over the last one. here's the info and link for the last episode:

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 02:06 AM »

i'm real good at hyping but shit at delivering lmao

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Nov 19, 2018, 01:40 AM »

News & Events / Re: /[|| RETRIBUTION: Order vs Chaos ||]\
« on: Nov 13, 2018, 08:50 PM »
If no new Retribution matches are started by the end of November, Retribution will be fast-tracked to the final phase

News & Events / Re: \V/CAST
« on: Nov 13, 2018, 04:17 PM »
\V/Cast 11.17.2018
With: ArtsandGoodies, Astrodile, Pita


1) 00:00:53 - Thanks to Void For...
2) 00:06:34 - Thanks to Void Testimonials
3) 00:22:21 - Dr. Freakinstyle vs Doanna Nut
4) 00:35:30 - Dirty Business: Smee & Lee vs The Abominable Dr. Hoang
5) 00:52:30 - Zoey & Zita in Thread of Fate

there are a few dropouts with Pita's voice here and there, apologies

Art Jams / Stan Lee Tribute Art Jam
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 02:32 PM »
Pay your respects with art of Stan Lee's creations

News & Events / \V/CAST
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 12:50 PM »
A new VCast series is around the corner, and we are going to open up a Q&A for the episode today. If you have a question you wanna ask send it to me and let me know if you prefer anonymous or to be named

Additionally, our next episode's prime topic (among others) will be about collaborations. If you want to join the cast send me a message and I'll let you know of availability

magic must defeat magic, jackiiieeeeeee

This is a terrible idea for everyone

Art Jams / 2018 Halloween Costume Jam
« on: Oct 17, 2018, 10:31 PM »
No giant public Halloween collab event this year, but folks can still dress up for Halloween

Arena as Flint Marco, "Sandman"

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