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Zedan Dromer thumbnail  Sex: Physically Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: December 24, 2010
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Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: Appears to be physically in the prime of youth

TL;DR - Zedan Dromer is a dream-walking magic man with tattoo powers. He's eccentric and emotional, and prefers not to fight if he doesn't have to. He works with THE MARKED GUARD to steal mystical/supernatural objects and info. He gets into lots of weird trouble on the side.

*Zedan has been traveling the world, having left Void City before Impact Day due to premonitions of disaster. He has been learning Magic and the Mystic Arts.

Zedan is a Dream Being made flesh. He was cast out of the Dreamlands, and can't go back, so he's set up shop in the waking world. He's obsessed with magical/supernatural artifacts and knowledge. He can manifest his tattoos and enter dreams (where he can shape and control them via Lucid Dreaming).

Zedan is the founder (but not leader) of a small Void gang called THE MARKED GUARD. They focus of stealing, selling, and investigating occult objects and events, as well as anything dealing with other dimensions. Mostly they hang out in the abandoned "Erlias Void Memorial Library". He has formed a close bond with one particular member, Reyak.

Zedan is fun-loving, curious, and full of zest. He doesn't often get angry. He's very active physically, and loves to move around, whether on the ground or flying with a pair of tattoo wings. His emotions run much closer to the surface that normal humans, and he has a tendency to make strange observations and conclusions in his thoughts.

Zedan will avoid actual offensive fighting, even when he is being attacked. He prefers to distract and avoid, or bind and disable the threat as opposed to defeating it, and will make his escape.

- Summons and controls tattoos for various effects (get CREATIVE!)
- Superhuman athletic agility and reflexes
- Subtle empathic/psychic senses
- Ritual Magic user (glyph based, scrolls, sigils, etc. *doesn't have inherent magic power)
- Skilled at Dream Interpretation

Zedan can physically enter people's dreams, and travel between locations via sleeping individuals. Once in dreams, he can shape and manipulate the dreams to his desires, although this requires a great amount of energy. He can also talk to the subconscious mind of the dreamer if he can locate it.

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