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Rex and the Robos 9 thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: Unknown
 Created: October 1, 2006
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-Creator of the sparbots, of which 9 remain
-High technical knowledge
-Strong, but imprecise (eg. Has trouble with delecate work such as using a soldering iron)
-Slow movement

-Strong teamwork
-Wirelessly Networked (including shared visual streams)
-Can talk, but somewhat basic-speak ("Yes Sir!", "We're on it!", "Zug zug")
-below-average human height
-Easily damaged

Full Backstory
Rex worked for a major distributor of home training equipment. Weights, punching bags, threadmills and all that. Rex was hired to design and impliment the SparBotâ„¢, which would be used by fighters for training as a sparring partner who would take a beating without putting the trainee at risk. Unfortunately, after about 10 SparBots were developed the plug was pulled on the project. SparBots were being sent back with major structural damages from the spars. Their resiliance was tested on a fighter in the company who tested them for mild wear-and-tear.... but not to the extent of damage that average void fighters could produce. Maintenence would be too expensive for the company, so the owners of the first 10 models got their money returned and the SparBots themselves were dumped. Rex was fired. Wanting to prove that his bots could be formidable opponents to the fighters in void, he recovered his bots and set to work fixing them, eventually building his own private lab to work, and reprogrammed the 9 bots he salvaged to fight as a team. He now uses the bots to raise money in void fights, and generally showing them off.

Rex does not always travel with the bots. He brings them out with him for two reasons... either to fight, or to calibrate their internal maps of the city, which they use for more efficient navigation. He doesn't usually bring them around when he's shopping at Void's Big&Tall store. The bots have 2 panels, the fronts were used to hold screened interfaces for users, but Rex removed them, kept the ports intact, and now uses them as storage for different tools he may require within a fight. Back panels are for internal work and repairs.

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