Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament, Round 2 / Scout and Boris vs. Catherine and Elizabeth

Tag Team Magical Girl Death Tournament, Round 2 — Scout and Boris vs. Catherine and Elizabeth

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by Sunrise and Flytee

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# 3   Posted: Mar 22 2019, 06:32 AM
 BLOOMBEARD AND GREGLY- Please keep up your duo action after this tournament and well into VOID proper. You two make a fabulous team! I am loving the writing and storytelling you've been whipping up about these two throughout the tournament. They've got well beyond snappy one liners and quips and really established a relationship I fully did not expect. Despite not knowing who your next opponents are, you've managed to fit some character development and personal motivations and goals for each which really isnt easy in this battle format. Good on ya!

The art has gotten heads and shoulders so much better. From the get go high speed police car chase to the really neat nod to your last match as we transition to this one. It's definitely a great way to start the next round. I especially dig what you did on page 1 with the bottom left panels where your opponents nudge their gaze along with the reader to the next panel to see the rubble and poor victim. Great bit of sequential work there!

I don't know if you're just going ham on inspiration and references, but I fell in love with your backgrounds and cityscapes for this round. The 'glitter' of the noontime sun on the ocean and the backdrop of the city skyscrapers (and Caelum) is great. you even mixed it up by allowing us to follow these two on their jog by providing some neat dynamic angles. If I had to nitpick anything, I wish you'd push Scouts expressions more. The flashback to her heroing days has a clear bitter edge when you read her dialogue, but I don't think it's well reflected in her face. Even when she grips the monster claw on page face and is yanked forward, her facial expressions feel lukewarm at best.

It's so easy to get visceral and gory with these death matches, but throughout you guys have kept it funny and borerline wholesome. This has gotta be the cutest decapitation I've seen on the site! XD

Honestly another great showing from you two. I really hope you make it to the finals!

SUNRISE AND FLYTEE- These characters for me have to be the most unlikely duo of this tournament. Their power sets and character are so unexpected, but they definitely make for interesting rounds. Elizabeth's quips and utter disregard for the situation in favor of her zealotry had me smirking throughout and it made for a nice build up of her fevor before we get the payoff of the swarm.

There are a couple things I would note for next time- namely your action. A majority of your actions and movements were side scrolly. Meaning everything was done from a side view- even dynamic moments that would've even better served with a different camera angle. The part that sticks out to me is when Scout is flung backwards. It made the throw fall flat and feel kind of underwhelming. I'd also give your panels room to breathe. Lots of your actions and events are done in really tight close up angles where we're right in the thick of the events. Panning the metaphorical camera outwards to take in more of the gym and whats going on around them I think would better serve your needs on establishing everyone and where they are.

# 2   Posted: Mar 19 2019, 04:17 PM
Same! Flytee had a lot of fun writing Boris' dialogue, haha. Your characters are super cute and we're so hype to see your side of the battle!

# 1   Posted: Mar 19 2019, 03:27 PM
aaaaand we're all uploaded! i love these characters- cant wait to see your comic!

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