Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018, Round 2 / Doctor Princess vs. Cutie Mark

Speed Resurrection Tournament 2018, Round 2 — Doctor Princess vs. Cutie Mark

by Julz

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Happy March 22nd! -Reecer6
# 10   Posted: Jul 31 2018, 08:22 PM
I pretty solidly digged both of these! I don't have separate comments really, other than I'm disappointed with the ease Cutie Mark escaped from his conundrum given his beleaguered state on Kent's side, there should've been a fight of some kind, you know?

But OH MAN YOU GUYS BOTH DID THE SAME THING, WITH THE TORSO TO HUMAN TRANSFER, AHAHAHAHAHA. I love how they're such different takes on it too, one romanticizing it and the other depicting it as a delusional ravaging of the natural order of things. That's super good.

      Edited Jul 31 2018,  08:22 PM by Happy March 22nd! -Reecer6

Think Tank
# 9   Posted: Jul 30 2018, 10:49 PM
Julz: the story in this was great and the feels and emotion in this was well done. There wasn't really any joke that changed the mood you were going for and you nailed it very well in this.

Kent: your inks in this are pretty clean and I like the way you drew doctor princess in this. I would say the weakest part is the ending since as others have pointed out the ending pose isn't satisfactory, there really isn't anything to show that Mark had overpowered Doctor Princess. Also I feel like you could have pushed the first psychosis sequence with crazier borders having the frames not be simple rectangle/squares like the rest of the comic which would have helped pushed the craziness of that.

Think Tank
# 8   Posted: Jul 29 2018, 10:50 AM
This is kind of hard.
I love Kent's commitment to the theme and place setting that he established with Cutie Mark, and I l always enjoy Kent's art.
I also really liked the more serious tone Doctor Princess had in this one, but somehow it was a bit uncomfortable to me and I'm not sure I really understand why or how to articulate it. It might have been intentional! The colors used definitely work for that, so maybe i'm feeling exactly how i should.

Good job to you both!

Community Manager
# 7   Posted: Jul 28 2018, 08:38 AM
Julz: I came in expecting another zany wackjob of a comic, but this was a pleasant surprise anyway. It did make me feel bad at the end so thumbs up for the reaction! It could've used one or two more colors possibly, and some better use of some of the textures placed here and there

Kent: I dug the psychosis going on but my disappointment was in the ending; it felt a little too tame like "i'm gonna mutilate you" "no you're not now take me somewhere" "oh okay" the lack of a fight being put up sort of deflates the plot's stakes for me a bit

I love both of you guys so keep on rocking

# 6   Posted: Jul 26 2018, 07:28 AM
Astro did a better job explaining what didn’t work in your ending than I did, Kent, but that was my feeling as well.

Julz, I don’t remember that panel sticking out to me on my initial read, but looking at it again, I see what Astro’s saying. If you’re going to use actual page space to show time passage, just do a wide gutter. But I would actually urge you to avoid that method in favor of using visuals to depict the passage of time instead. A shot or two of some quiet objects in the hospital, or in Mark’s room, or a little bird in the parking lot with Mark’s hospital room window in the background... cutaways to ambient details do a better job in a more interesting and, most importantly, visual way than a blank panel can in a setting like this. The blank panel is used to better effect after say, an annihilating explosion or energy blast, or as a fade out.

# 5   Posted: Jul 26 2018, 04:07 AM
Astrodile: the white empty panel on page 4? Understandably, it's an indication of scene transition but because of how stark it is compared to the rest of the page, it was a bit on the distracting side
Thank you, i had not considered the white stark time passing panel to look unfinished for not fitting the color theme. Ill remember in the fure to make those kind of panels match color themes.

# 4   Posted: Jul 25 2018, 06:12 PM
Julz: I guess I'm one of those confused people, because I couldn't find the end joke haha. BUT I really do enjoy this comic! The visuals and the story I have no complaint about, loved it overall, but I do have a Minor Nitpick-- What's up w/ the white empty panel on page 4? Understandably, it's an indication of scene transition but because of how stark it is compared to the rest of the page, it was a bit on the distracting side, I almost considered it an untouched & unfinished panel if anything.

Kent: I enjoyed the comic, and the sequence of him breaking out wasn't all that bad-- Until the very last page. The problem I have with it, besides the emptiness of the panel itself outside of Mark, is the way he's posed. Even if he's being insistent/demanding in his dialogue that she help him, there's no vibes from his posture in the panel that could convince /me/ that he can convince her or otherwise, there's no confidence to escape radiating off of him at all even though he's managed to garner the strength to break himself free from the chains. He doesn't even look tired from that process nor tranquilizing itself-- He just seems like he's talking idly, and a chance was missed to properly display the sudden shift in power over these twos' situation in one way or another, beit through some simple shading or making a lively character look the part.

# 3   Posted: Jul 25 2018, 06:10 PM
I don't mean the storytelling is confusing, I mean the juxtaposition may be confusing, to all who are so used to her murderous shenanigans. What could it mean? Is there a deeper meaning? Is it all in her head??

# 2   Posted: Jul 25 2018, 03:39 PM
Julz: not sure what you mean, your storytelling here is fine.

Kent: You could have pushed the opening sequence further visually to establish and play with the idea that it was a dream, really have fun with the layout to make it a fever dream. I really love Dr. Princess’s expressions throughout, especially the panel where she says, “I’ve been practicing!”, it’s great.
You had a very entertaining comic up until Mark breaks free. Totally anticlimactic.

# 1   Posted: Jul 25 2018, 07:47 AM
Damn kent xD yours was very entertaining. Now im regretting adding the joke at the end of mine. I hope everyone is extra confused by my comic wahahahaha

      Edited Jul 25 2018,  07:47 AM by Julz

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