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Phil and D.D. thumbnail  Gender: Not at the same time
 Height: 7ft 3in together
 Created: July 27, 2006
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Bio: In a bleak future world there is no Phil nor D. D. But now in a far less bleak present they do exsist. Devin Drinky "D.D." Cro looks like a whiny Emo Kid. Well he is, but only to get chicks and lull his opponents into a false sense of security. And his birdy legs look good in girl pants. Does black eye liner on black feathers seem pointless? Yes, it does. Does D.D. do it anyway? Yes he does. It's all for the bitches.

Phil Maxwell Buni is the tougher member of this duo, not because of his man pants and vest, oh no. His complete lack of consern for anyone who isn't himself. Using the force [ his fisticuffs], Phil gets what needs to be done, done. But is he your average muscle? Wrong again, my homies. Phil is the craftiest mother fucker alive! Don't believe me? Well whatever, what do you know. NOTH'N SON!

The duo are Void City's drug dealers. Dodging the hateful to animal types[aka furries, of which Phil and D.D. are constantly being confused with] VCPD and anyone with honour, who does not get there with pot, Phil and D.D. scratch out a living and maybe a couple of eyeballs. But don't forget. Drug Dealers. Dealers of Drugs.

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