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Geneva thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 5"8'
 Created: July 23, 2006
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Occupation:Korean Mafia hitwoman

power: very strong and extreamly resilliant (e.g. she could take a fist sized rock or a large piece of metal hitting her, though she isnt immune to things like bullets and knives though can take it more then the average human. think as if she was realy buff or something)

fighting style: hard punches and crushing kicks. shes a martial artist who puts alot of power behind her hits. will use cheap tricks when available.

weakness: alcohol (she loves her wine, thats what she claims atleast but if it'll get her drunk she'll down it)

in void city: sent to set up the city for the Korean mafia to move in. shes to elimanate anything/anyone that might be a threat.

attitude: crude, loud but always thinking clearly..unless she's realy drunk, shes an alcoholic. short tempered, wild mood swings, She pretty open minded on most things which make its easy for her to fight and even kill.

History: She's Korean. Her father was a hitman in the Korean Mafia. His life was at risk so he made a deal with the district boss. but he was soon killed by another for mysterious reasons. the deal he made to save his and his families life that his daughter follow his foot steps. She always had an unuseual strenght and the Mafia boss wanted to take hold of this, which he does now.

She'd like to know why her father died. but shes sent to Void city and she can't go home to find out till shes done here.

let see if she can get this sucky job over and done with~

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