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Niklas Lu`Reed thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'3"
 Created: June 11, 2006
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Niklas Lu'Reed comes from another dimesion, one might call it the 4th dimension, the dimension of the Gods. Niklas's father (name not yet determined) was the Guardian god of the Earth. After a long reign as the Earth's guardian he stepped down from this responsibility and passed it down to his 3 sons (this happens around the Maritime revolution, the time when Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage to the New World, blah blah blah). He gave his eldest son responsibility over ground and soil, his youngest son watches over the seas and waters and his middle son, Niklas, was given the sky.

Time passed on and the humans flourished and spread, the world was thriving with prosperity for a time. Eventually, the humans spread too far and damaged the world the sons' father gave to them. The soil had become poisoned, the seas grown thick with sludge and the air given a dirty hue. The eldest son (with his maturity and sense of responsibility) and youngest son (with his innocence and care for the living) agreed that they should try their hardest to cleanse the earth and sea without affecting the humans, but the Niklas did not feel so. Niklas frequently threw barrages of storms, tornados, hurricanes and typhoons across the world because he wished to reduce the humans' numbers so they could not harm his father's gift. His storms raged on, but the humans were relentless in their survival and their pollution. Very much frustrated and beign out of ideas, Niklas decided to descend to the Earth and kill the humans who he thought deserved to perish (which was a very large and strict list) with his own hands.

Now, scientifically, it is impossible for a thing of a greater dimension to exist in a lesser dimension (it is impossible for a cube to exist in a 2-Dimensional plane). So in order for Niklas to have descended to the Earth's 3-Dimensional realm, he had to relinquish many of his godly attributes: for one, he had to become MORTAL (all living things in this realm can die). He lost much of his weather manipulating abilities but he can still manipulate electricity of many types (as well as create some amounts of it) and he can manipulate wind to his likings (though its limited to mere gusts)

His attacks are heavily based on his electic control. He can manipulate electricity in many ways such as simple lightning orbs to summonning lightning bolts to forging weapons (swords, chains, blades, you name it) out of eletricity.

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