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Fragile thumbnail  Gender: it's glass
 Height: 5ft(can strech)
 Created: June 7, 2006
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This is FRAGILE, my character for SDT.

Other ways to Destory Fragile:
The right sound frequency to shatter glass, ...explosives... magic...being ground into sand or into a pulp, or breaking so much glass around it that it's own head explodes........... or just think Terminator 2. molten temperture suddenly made cold would shatter him too.

Eats sand to replace any glass he's lost or given up.
Gets something similar to "spidey sence" whenever glass breaks within a 1 mile radius to where he is. Also i decided to throw in the ability to open his mouth on ocasion to well bite or decapite or sufficate his victoms within his glass form. mouth would probably look like jagged glass opening. again it still doesnt speak. Check out prisoner's battle, he got the best idea of it. well have fun!

Fragile came in a box, just like all the other fragile glass scuptures recently added to the Void Art Musuem. But this fragile peice... didn't make it to opening night.
This solid glass figure of roughly 6 feet tall isnt so ordinary. The night before the "Glass CReations" opening, the cops came to investigate a rather malicious scene, almost as bad as that created by <i>the black dog</i> in the history musuem one year before. However, unlike those murders, these were are very cleanly cut, neatly bled out, or imapled. Bullest fired by securty were recovered, containing tiny shards of glass, seeming un ordinary. The cameras caught only a glimpse of what thought would be a fragile glass sculpture, come to life, reflect bullets with only minor chipping which then would meld over, bend and strech its shape as if it were HEATED glass, and yet strangly VERY cautious not to break any glass in its surounding. infact other than shards from the being itself, no broken glass was found. it remains MIA at the moment, unknown motives, but non the less dangerous.

Stats: Completly Solid thick glass, see through except with light glare, relfective, or however you want to draw it's likeness. No hands or feet or real human features other than it's simplified figure. Arms usualy go to a point, feet are more cilider shaped for support. Can bend, strech, expand, twist, and has a fair amount of strength. Bullets and such may only cause minor chippage, harsher force make cause cracks or even breakage. Unless you pound this thing into dust it will try to reform.

Weakness: IT refuses to break glass or witness glass breaking. So if you want to really piss it off...

Does not speak. Yup. No dialoge from this thing. Well unless it carves a message into your flesh orsomething.

Note: i do plan to do ALOT with this rather basic looking character, and do keep inmind that you will have to make him semi-see-through, which means BACKgrounds are a must. reflections are optional, but hey whatever u wanna do with it.

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