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 Height: 4' 10"
 Created: June 7, 2006
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Timmy Soda was your average ADHD kid for the longest time. His parents had professional lives to attend to, so they kept him at home with pills, baby-sitters, and television. This all stopped two years ago when Timmy first developed his powers of kinetic manipulation after missing a dose of his medicine and a nasty temper tantrum. Running away from home, he set out to have all the fun he’d been missing all his life. He arrived to Void City just in time for the third annual Speed Death Tournament, and summarily decided this was the “thrill of all thrills” he was looking for.

Timmy has ADHD, and often has trouble concentrating or sitting still for long periods of time. He quickly gets bored of things, and will not hesitate to jump off in search of something else to hold his attention. He speaks ridiculously quickly, and becomes impatient with people when they can’t keep up conversation. He’s incredibly impulsive and never gives his actions a second thought. You’d think after all the close calls he’s had in the past that he’d learn, but he’s the same fun-loving, thrill-seeking, hyperactive brat that he was two-years ago.

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