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Parka de Gallo thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'5"
 Created: May 4, 2006
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Pablo de Gallo, Parka to those who know him. Half Mexican, half Eskimo, 16 years old, totally rad. Spent the first half of his life down Mexico Way, but then travelled up north to Alaska for a while. Came to Void to live with his Aunt and Uncle after mysterious circumstances surrounding his parents (he doesn't like to talk about it). Is totally into hair metal from the 1980s, skateboarding, and just generally living rock and roll.

Current goals:
Get a posse
Score chicks
Partay (!!!)
Get through highschool

//////Read For "Science"!/////
While they may seem implausible and at times limitless, there is a definite rhyme and reason to Parka's powers. Firstly, both rely on things around and in his environment. For example, his ice powers require the presence of water to function; even if it is pulled out of precipitous air. Likewise, his fire powers rely on the presence of a consumable fuel, usually oxygen. In addition, each power relies on a mystical element: His fire powers center around his "belly bonfire", a magical fire in his stomache fueled by a regular intake of super-hot Mexican gecko chilis. If the fire were to be put out or allowed to die, he would lose his fire powers until he ate more chilis. While fire power comes from the belly, ice power comes from the lungs. Every other week, parka must ascend a tall, tall mountain and meditate, allowing his lungs to fill with fresh, cool mountain air. This is all completely plausible.

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