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Name: Christian Christopher

History: Its unknown where Christian is originally from but he was raised in flordia and is of puerto rican decent(he can't speak a word of spanish though). It is rumored that
christian is half-artifact demon, an extinct race of demons that collect ancient artifacts and obtain their powers.

Abilities: Due to his artifact demon side has innate enchanced strength, speed, dexterity, and agility (think spiderman). Chris contains the powers of
artifacts his father consumed but can't use them right now( that will be developed later in beyond.)

Personality: Rather carefree and laid back, chris knows how to operate a multitude of weapons and though he might not come off as smart he is extremely clever and cunning. Not much of a physical fighter by trade, Chris usually just relys on his brains, instincts and his "freakish" strength and speed.

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