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Coral thumbnail Title: 2005 Battle Royale Champion
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5,7
 Created: October 6, 2005
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Story so far: After the incident at Pye's mansion, Jessica was taken to a hospital for proper surgery. Upon arrival, the doctors discovered that Jessica was in a coma. News about the event reached every citizen in Void.  Some of the anthros, which Jessica helped, decided to continue her legacy and encouraged the people do the same. The people of Void began small by helping others with minor problems and as they kept helping more people joined. As their movement grew, they could resolve bigger citizen problems. Some didn't want any charge, some gave their salary to help another’s taxes, and some changed their lifestyle to just help their neighborhood and get evil off the streets.

Jessica woke up after 5 months from the coma and couldn't remember much at all. She had to learn how to walk and even talk again. She had to stay in hospital for 9 more months to fully recover, during that time her appearance changed. All of the black mark tattoos disappeared as her skin changed and her memory came back. On one occasion she discovered her "power": The Nanonytes. This discovery horrified her at first because it reminded her of Dark Coral. Her Sword, which hung on the wall in front of her bed all the time, even during the time she was in the coma, reminded her of the vision it had given to her in the past. It would fuse Dark Coral, Coral and Jessica, who had all been torn apart when she first arrived in Void, to one single individual: Coral.

Jessica didn't understand, so the Sword invited her to look at the mirror. As she looked it was all clear to her. After the revelation, Coral, as she called herself from that day, mastered her power during her recovery. Now she returns to the streets of Void to continue her legacy and her task, but this time it’s gonna be different.

The Sword:

Its a living being with its own will, like any magical swords, although its NOT a magical sword. Its a person, not like a human or demi-humans, more like a being. Then what is it? It just is.
It barely speaks to "strangers" although it nows everyone inside out, but has a friend-relationship with Coral, a very close relationship, bestfriend alike. They have constant communication.

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