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Denial thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 5'3
 Created: September 25, 2005
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age: 22

Overall appearence: rather short and not very well built.

Characteristic Traits: pale face and big, blank eyes (which shine in the dark...). Black, straight hair of medium lenght.

Personality traits: Cynical, Sarcastic, composed, phlegmatic, logical. No sense of morality. Expect no fair play from him.
He's a liar and a manipulator. He has no martial skills whatsover.


If you could choose a way in which you die, what would it be? Have you ever wondered obout that one for a second? I did. If I had to go out suddenly, I would like to be splattered over a square mile of a highway, after being run over by a huge fucking truck with a drunken madman behind the wheel. You'll laugh, but this is just the way I have actually passed away. Well, it didn't happen quite on a highway, and I know nothing about the driver's mental condtition, but the splattering part was all there and even better. At the very least I can brag about how awesome my own death was... I would pay to see that. And I did. Price was high, but the seat in front row...

So, there is life after death - an afterlife, after all... If you can call it life. I mean the life before death...

I got to this place they call Chasm of the Unknown. Sic! There was even a big neon pink billboard with "Welcome to the Chasm of the Unknown" written on it, so it definitely had to be the Chasm of the Unknown. And it sucked. I was like floating there in the air or whatever it was, and there was no gravity, no ground and no sky. Just some giant orbs in the distance, hidden in the mist. I tried not to look too deep into the chasm, because I had this overgrowing feeling, that the chasm was looking back at me... And it sucked even more.
Then these two guys with big guns showed up and took me to this other place, where all the newbie souls come to receive their pass to heaven. It was one of those humongous orbs, now crowded with lost souls waiting for salvation. The angelic gestapo was all over the place making sure that everybody gets his place in the que. Some dudes got in and some of them didn't. I wondered what happened to those less fortunate, but I was soon to find that out - my turn was coming. And since I never gave half shit about religion, I didn't expect to be a guest of honour there... And guess what? I was right. Well it wasn't so bad, because I had a choice now where to go. I could go back to Earth, and be born again with new body, new life, but with all my memories lost, starting over and hoping for better score next time. The alternative was to have my sorry ass vaporized into happy oblivion. Well, the choice wasn't very difficult to make. "I'm so into it, where do I sign?"
But then Hell opened. Literally. Imagine a Hell Patrol striking on the Host of Seraphim... Fireballs and lightnings shooting left an right, Demons in their warmachines speeding and flying and screaming and shit blowing the fuck up... I was looking for some cover, when suddenly a large hellbarge appeared from out of nowhere and the demon troops started to stuff everybody inside. It was too late to run, and they cought me in. And it sucked.
That's how I got myself into the warm and cozy caverns of What The Hell...

They sent us to some weird place, where we were supposed to be trained as soldiers for their army. It was like a military college with only one rule: "you survive, or you goin' down!". We were going to spent rest of the eternity learning to fight Angels. And now we had to do thousands of stupid things we didn't want to do and learn stuff we didn't want to learn, and the demons were shouting at us and threatening us like we were some lower forms of life and I felt like I was back in school... And it sucked shit.
So this was my chance: The area wasn't very heavily guarded, since there was really no place to go from here and most of the guards were dumb as fuck. I suppose that all the smarter soldiers got more important things to do than looking after moving piles of cannon fodder. That's why I have managed to sneak into the hangar and hijack a dropship. Well, almost. You see, I was not the only guy, who got the very same idea... Luckily for me, there was convinietntly empty open cargo crate, left inside just in case somebody wanted to hide in it. The other guy... that turned out to be some albino gal, moved in and sat in front of the control panel. Right then a great KABOOM spread over the place, ripping an exit hole in the ceiling. The ship took off very quickly, shaking and rocking, fuckers were shooting at us! And it sucked! But the ship remained in one piece as we got away.
And the girl, somehow she has been aware of my presence and asked me to come out. She wanted to help me if I helped her, and she already knew my name, and Her name was Toxy, and she knew a lot about me and even more about The netherworld, Heaven, hell and even The Chasm of the Fucking Unknown, and we were now heading for God's place to break in and steal some powerfull super ancient artifact of fuck which will give her power and send me home and I didn't get a single word of this jibberish, but what other choice I had besides keeping quiet and nodding my head and hoping that the crazy bitch won't get us both killed...
Toxy just jumped out from the shipwreck and rushed through the halls, leaving me alone with all those dudes in long robes staring at me and looking stupid, and one of them looked just like Anna... and I heard dudes with guns getting closer to check WTF has just happened, and she recognised me too, and than Toxy came back holding a little orb in her hands, screaming "Jump! Jump Damnit!!!" And when I didn't got it, she kicked me out through the hole in the wall and it hurt, and then I was falling down with super high velocity, and then she jumped out too, and joined me and I knew I would rue the day when I died... The tower was fucking huge, so I could see the hellstorm comming from the distance, and the flock of angels comming from much closer... And then I looked at toxy, and she did something with that orb flashing and shit and for a second she looked like a goddess, and the distance between us and the ground was shrinking and then...
It all stopped. My mind went out.

I woke up in a dirty stinking sewer. Everything was hurting, but I was without dubt alive again. And it sucked so much you don't even know...

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