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Rok thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 3'9
 Created: September 15, 2005
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When Rok appeared in Void City in a puff of black smoke he had no memories of his prior life. He didn’t know his name or who he was, how he came to Void or from where.

Some of Roks memories have returned. He now remembers his name and has vague memories of his mother.

Soon after his arrival in Void he met a dimension travelling girl named Danielle who was also stuck in Void. She turned out to know a little about Roks species and after some persuasion she told him he was from another planet in a dimension far from this one. The planets ruling inhabitants are called De’Graa - the Gray. It is these that Rok origin from. Some of them is said to have supernatural abilities. The planet itself is a dark place. It resembles a medieval earth in many ways and the civilisation is very primitive.

Rok is about 11 or 12 earth years old. He can not yet fully control his powers (something he would never admit) but in times of stress or danger he intuitively uses them in ways he didn’t know he could.
He has infinite confidence and believes that he can defeat anyone he meets.
He rarely thinks of the consequences of his actions.
Violence is his first answer to every problem.

Rok can morph his body into different shapes. He is not very good at this yet so it’s a very limited power. Mostly uses this power to change his hands and arms into weapons.
He can also grow small wings that barely make him fly.
He can not change the shape of his bones (but they can be moved around a little and be disjointed), only his flesh and skin.
Rok is not a very skilled fighter. He has slightly superhuman strength and agility (approximately that of a chimpanzee his size) and is fairly durable to damage. He also heals faster than humans when he’s at rest or asleep.

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