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 Height: 5,4
 Created: June 16, 2005
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The pride and glory of KULD INDUSTRIES, a military weapons development corporation. Mary is the latest in the experimental (and controversial) artificial soldier program headed by company leader Drake Kuld.

Unlike the original prototype models though, which were merely mechanized, mindless husks of steel, Mary was imbued with a very lifelike human personality and body. Kuld took special interest in her, giving her a similar look to his deceased sister Morriana who was gunned down in the Void streets four years prior. Her personality though is somewhat of a contrast to Kuld's shy sister. Mary's mind is a bit extroverted giving her a cocky arrogant attitude (which tends to get in the way when she's being given orders). These kinks are still being worked out of the system. Other oddities in her personality programming have led to her wanting to cloth herself in a hat and cape. An annoyance to the project's design team, but they decided to just leave it be.

To showcase his new weapon, Kuld has entered her in the 2nd annual SPEED DEATH TOURNAMENT and will be coaching her from the sidelines. He hopes to prove once and for all that Kuld Industries is the undisputed leader in weapons technology.


Both of her forearms can open and expand revealing 3 cutting edge gun barrels that utilize magnets to propel ammo at armor-piercing speeds. When both arms are fully extended, the winged look of them is a sight to behold. Despite all this concealed firepower however, she's suprisingly agile and can leap to dazzling heights. Boosters in her legs, shoulders and back allow her to turn on a dime and dodge incoming fire in an instant.

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