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Dove thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5 ft. 5
 Created: Prior to recording
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Killed by an unknown resident of Voidcity, age about 19 at her death.
Dove is a manifestation of her former self's anger and urge to avenge for her death. Being a ghost, she has no feelings, emotions or memories of her former life.
Dove now exists for the sole purpose of tracking down her killer and killing him/her herself. Since her only clue to his identity is that he is a resident of Voidcity, she won't stop short of killing everyone there.
Dove now haunts Voidcity. You can find her by staring into shadows, eventually you'll see her staring back at you.

Dove is chooses her victims at random. She likes creating violent accidents, this seems to amuse her.
Dove has no ego, she doesn't look for the thrill of a fight or the triumph of a win. Therefore, if she's badly wounded, she will disappear.

Semi-invisibility: invisible to those who she doesn't want to be seen. She can be found through concentration. Her favorite hiding place is in shadows
Flying/teleportation: Dove can travel by thought, but its not like she has anywhere to go anyway..
Moving/creating objects: Dove can move objects by thought, therefore she rarely kills using her own hands. Dove can also make objects, but this takes tremendous energy and is her last resort.
Tangibility/physical attributes: Dove can be touched only when seen clearly. She can't be killed, but when hurt badly she will disappear and give up the fight.
Mind manipulation: Dove messes with minds and causes hallucinations, making her victims see things that aren't there. Dove can also do mind manipulation, but this takes alot of energy on her part.

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