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Swanky Roe thumbnail  Gender: Male-ish.
 Height: 6'5''
 Created: Prior to recording
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Fighter Name: Swanky Roe
Full name: r03.exe
Sex: Something resembling Male
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: Roughly 75 lb.
Ethnic Origin: Unknown terminal using Mac OSX, believed to be located in Germany.

BASIC OVERVIEW: Organic manifestation of a computer virus. Physically weak, but limberness allows high evasion. Greedy, arrogant, and misogynistic. Uses dual light pistols to fight (sometimes a large beam cannon if needed). Always tries to avoid conflict (cowardly) by escaping through phone lines/computer terminals, etc.


Background Synopsis: Quite simply, he’s the organic manifestation of a computer virus. As a virus, he was sent to Void City to corrupt and drain stock portfolios and bank accounts, ultimately sending the funds to a rogue agency located in Germany. However, Swanky apparently found it more entertaining to keep the money for himself and formed into an organic, sentient being (meaning he DOES feel pain and CAN die), simply out of spite of his organic, flesh-laden creators. He’s been mugging, conning, and pilfering money off of the citizens ever sense, with hopes of purchasing a rare 5000 WU$ computer chip (conveniently located at a local pawn shop, naturally) that will allow him to multiply infinitely and spread to other cities... oh, and he WASN’T created in a lab, alright?

Personality: Eccentric and “giggly,” for starters. Also quite misogynistic, perverted. Curses profusely and uses sexist slurs when fighting. Talks smack, but is a sore loser. When not engaged in battle, he talks smooth and sly with just a hint of arrogance. In other words, he thinks he’s the “hot shit.” What a jerk, huh?

Fighting Style: As underhanded and sneaky as possible. Lies in wait to ambush opponents. Again, what a jerk, huh?Since Swanky is light and lacks any real physical prowess, he relies on his dual Light Pistols and beam cannon for fighting. His big ass “Fuckpuss” cannon is only utilized when he is backed into a corner; if Swanky sees a chance to escape, he will always flee rather than fight. His only real physical strength is his limber body, which can be used to evade attacks.

Special Abilities: Well, looking ravishing in his custom vest outfit, for one. Another (more practical) skill is his ability to assimilate and travel through phone lines, ethernet ports, and computer terminals. This is his main route of escape after assaulting a foe. It should be noted that Swanky can take a few small items with him in the process (like purses, wallets, and credit cards *cough cough*). However, it should also be noted that he can not remain in the virtual realm forever; Swanky must return to his organic form within an hour of assimilating or be destroyed forever, much like how a dolphin or whale must periodically surface for air. If he becomes trapped, he will simply purge himself from the system and “reform” at the nearest outlet.

Weapons: When in normal form, two Light Pistols that he keeps tucked under his coat tails. These pistols shoot solid ribbons of heated light, which are easy to deflect but razor sharp. If deflected, the light can travel in curves, allowing for unpredictable (and HIGH-LARIOUS!!! Who-boy!) effects.

His “trump card” is the Fuckpuss Beam Cannon, which he kinda materializes out of a “poof!” of thin air when in a tight spot. It’s more funny when it comes out of no where, folks.


Lastly, if you’re battling my character, then please PLEASE have fun with it. He’s not a super hero. He’s just in the game for the money. Joke around a little!

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