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Demon Mage Tess thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 5'
 Created: Prior to recording
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18 yrs. old -- 5' -- 137 lbs.
A cute, curious, fiercely intelligent succubus.
(dream demoness who absorbs life energy)

[+FAV] (loves) cherries, spiders, Demon Mage Ziggy & porn
[H8T's] cats, catgirls & cat-lovers
[???] talks in her sleep--like, whole conversations.
[!!!] has no heart (literally), doesn't need to breathe.
[INT] genius with no morals, "the ends justify the means" to the extreme
[AGL] flight, jumping, acrobatics (ballet dancing?)
[STR] low strength, but has a wicked accurate throw
[SPD] necessary for running away fast
[ATTK] scythe & spellbook, succubus energy drain w/o sex
[DEF] avoids fights with larger enemies, relies on defenses both magical & technological.
[CHA] hypnotic voice when unseen, so squeezably cute it hurts
[EQUIP w/] "Cosmo Babylon", a spell book & "Shrapnel Harvest", a 6' tall scythe w a 3' blade. Only available when summoned, and can be summoned from ANYWHERE.

Not much of anything is known for now, but Countessa (or Tess) is absolutely FASCINATED by the world of VOID--technology, magic, science, ALIENS, nature, mythology and more. She's a recluse who only talks to or associates with her "employer", Michael22 at the Moon Meanie. Otherwise, she lives in the top floor storage room and HATES to be disturbed. ESPECIALLY when the televised fights on "VOID247" are on...

But, recently some VOID Police reports have talked about random civilians turning up as dried up husks...


Countessa has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She treasures new findings and keeps VOLUMES of information from phone numbers, to blueprints, from biochemical readouts of foods, to her latest spell equations wherever she can find them easily. This tends to be either her book, "Cosmo Babylon" or a secret network of hideaways, files, disks and so on. She doesn't prattle on with questions, but a conversation can go on for hours if Countessa feels there is something new to be discovered. Info hound that she is, she's has become a proficient hacker of computers, a real sneak when it comes to entering and exiting high-security locales, and as a demon-through-and-through, she loves to manipulate the weak and exploit the proud.
Equally a scientist and a magician, Countessa has quite a canvas to work with in VOID City.

Otherwise, Countessa is an imperious little demoness, who has a particular disliking of nearly ALL of VOID's hell-born & hell-bound residents. She feels that no one in the city recognizes the sheer COSMIC scale of the demonic pecking order, and seeks to set things straight while she's here. Any chance to set a ranking of power, she theorizes will allow her to recognize the key figures she will need to complete her greatest creation yet... a way back home across space & time...

Countessa actively avoids the power-struggles and factions in VOID City, concerning herself only with her own problems. Trouble seems to find her, regardless of that.

2/28/05: SPELLBOOK
Tess' most prized possession is her book, entitled
This is a powerful artifact she CREATED herself when she was only 10 years old. It is a grimoire that contains an untold amount of magical, alchemical, and supra-scientific knowledge that would certainly be an asset to any magician and a DIABOLICAL weapon
in the wrong hands.

Cosmo Babylon is not without it's own defenses though; it's pages are blank to any random viewer--it takes conscious thought to summon the words and even then, one has to know what it is they're looking for. The book is not sentient, however:
-It can float independantly if gently released (it'll fall like a rock if dropped or thrown, but sitting it down as one would on a table in midair, will cause it to float and support about 10 lbs.)
-Pages if torn from it, automatically turn to regular paper, with no print anywhere and are totally useless.

If the ends justify the means, then Tess would be ready and willing to KILL to have her book back.

Tess' primary means of sustainance. She does not NEED intercourse to drain--simple skin-to-skin/fur/scale physical contact is enough. It is ineffective against non-living, or inorganic surfaces, thus robots & armored creatures have nothing to fear. The drain works at the molecular level, absorbing bio electricity from the nervous system, various nutrients and basic functional energy from cells, even non-human ones (though reactions may vary from creature to creature.) The drain reduces a healthy target to a shriveled, starving husk after as few as five minutes (the effect on Countessa is akin to a massive head rush.) PAINFUL electroshocks compliment the drain, stunning the target.

This is Countessa's means of survival-- she must drain from individuals at least TWICE a day to sustain herself. Eating is a curious pasttime (she eats cherries regularly though) and with a strange circulatory system, she has all the internal fluids she ever needs to survive (Countessa literally DOESN'T have a heart! She has functional lungs in case of emergencies, but doesn't need to breathe either.) But if critically injured, Countessa will drink water like a horse and have to absorb from twice as many people to make up the difference. Just like a regular person, if Tess missed a draining, she just gets really hungry. Food does make a substitute, but she has to eat it RAW or LIVE for it to be as beneficial as a draining.

Given that it has offensive capabilities against a wide variety of opponents, AND is a means of gaining needed vitality, Tess is ready willing and almost able to get in close to enemies she thinks she can handle. She still avoids large/tough targets if she can help it. The random passerbys in VOID City are too easy to resist, though...

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